Friday, December 7, 2018

NC Senate Race May Have Been Altered by Fraud

And, in a startling outcome, the fraud may have been committed by the Republicans!

I hope they pursue this. I hope the GOP investigates, and, if Mark Harris is guilty, drops association with him.

I also hope - devoutly - that this is used to pass a FEDERAL bill regulating how absentee voting can be handled:

  • No one may touch that ballot except the person that cast it, until it is counted.
  • Has to be mailed to the Election Office, and received BEFORE the election date.
  • Cross-check all ballots to make sure that person did not cast an in-person vote.
  • Disallow ballots that are sent out of town, unless checked against a list of voters from that locality - keeps 'sunbirds' and college students from voting twice.
  • No state may have more than 10% of votes cast absentee.
  • The initial registration for that voter must have photo ID
You can never completely eliminate fraud - but, you can reduce it by enforcing rules that limit common methods of cheating.

While we're at it, make it an offense that REQUIRES another vote - at the offending party's expense - if there are irregularities in the ballot counting process:
  • Counting not observed by BOTH major parties and any representatives of other parties that want to participate.
  • "Found" ballots - it is the responsibility of the Election Board to make sure that all ballots are moved, counted, and "corrected" for inability to process through scanning or other means in a manner that allows all parties to certify that the election was an honest one.
  • Any ballot not in the total by the end of the closing of the precinct voting is not added in, and will not be counted. The ballot will be opened and votes noted. If the ballot would have materially changed the election, a re-vote, under bi-partisan supervision, will take place within a week.
  • ALL ballots will be numbered, and accounted for. You have to have a trail for audit purposes. That includes absentee ballots. No sudden surfacing of ballots that - GOSH! We just HAPPENED to find in a closet or car trunk!

If a writer tried to put this into a book, it would be trashed as unbelievable!

Control of the Alaska State House is hinging on ONE seat, which was won by ONE vote.

And, just like the GOP has been saying for years, Democrats want to count the votes of the dead.


MMinLamesa said...

100s, probably 1,000s of illegally registered voters, using legal Texas state ID, voted here. The con that issuing DLs to illegals would bring them out of the shadows so they could but insurance and get to work was bullshit.

Motor voting, ballot harvesting, same day registration/voting, absentee voting, mail in's all means ripe for fraud.

Paper ballots, everyone votes on election day, inked fingers and a state issued voter ID card that can only be obtained with certified proof of citizenship would be the cure.

Are you telling me Mexico can do this and we can't?

Col. B. Bunny said...

Mark Levin remarked in passing that the Republicans have controlled Congress and the presidency for two years but did nothing about vote fraud. It has been such a damaging dereliction on a vital issue that one can't think but that it was deliberate nonfeasance on the part of Ryan and McConnell.

Lord knows what Trump thinks of any core issues other than trade and immigration, and even on immigration it's a D- effort on his part.

Lou Dobbs remarked on the same thing tonight. Ryan's feeble leadership on funding the wall. The last spending bill was a joke given Ryan's creds as some sort of budget maestro.

It was the same with Boehner. The Republicans cleaned house in '10 and he came out as majority leader. Now we'll see some action I thought at the time. But it was the same thing. Republicans doing an imitation of a cigar store Indian.

It's deliberate. We have been sold out by a fake party. Controlled opposition as the more excitable commenters say on the web. Usually, I dismiss that stuff but it fits here. The whole government is a bought-and-paid-for sham.

Tens of thousands of troops on foreign borders but not one on ours who isn't a typist, cook, lawyer, of messenger. And whether they're one of those or something more effective in repelling borders the generals are itching to pull them off the border after 30 or 45 days. Inexplicably so. Who says this is a short-term problem and why don't we see troops settling in for the long haul? Answer: because the government isn't serious about closing the border and wants to see more migrant parasites flooding in. It's just eye wash.

Kye said...

You are exactly correct, Col. B. Bunny!

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thank you, Mr. C. I wish I weren't.

One can grow old waiting for governments to perform their basic functions. Oh, wait! I did! :-)