Monday, December 17, 2018

The new totalitarianism.

We must therefore stop believing that Russia is a continuation of the USSR. Who has the greatest ideological similarity with the USSR (plus the economic prosperity) is Western Europe.

In the US, Ms Clinton is the best representative of this new totalitarianism wide-spread among the ruling elites in their fight against Trump.[1]

This is another way of describing what I’ve called the broken link between government and people. Earlier in his article, Mr. Blot earlier writes that
a new type of USSR has emerged, however based on the ideological dictatorship of a market economy dominated by oligarchs.
He says this is new U.S.S.R. is today’s NATO but I think that he uses NATO and Western Europe to mean the same thing. He also writes that “[t]he EU Commission is a kind of supreme bureaucratic Soviet, without any popular control . . .” so either one or all of these reflect this new totatitarianism.

Obviously, it’s not accurate to say that a “market economy” can exercise any kind of a dictatorship. Thus, I think he means that “oligarchs,” presumably the ultra rich, rule for whatever reason by means of a Wild West “market economy” which lately is vaguely and duplicitously described as “neo-liberalism.” It’s the term du jour meaning something incredibly vague but probably a dog-eat-dog economic order that preys on old ladies with cancer and soulful illegal immigrants innocently seeking a better life, A/K/A “capitalism.” “Capitalism” here means capitalism stripped of the protection of Glass-Steagall, unregulated banks, insane use of derivatives, a blind eye turned to high-frequency trading, crony capitalism, non-enforcement of antitrust laws, and total control of politics at all levels by the insanely rich.

So, a little more precision is called for. A “market economy” or “free markets” mean to conservatives economic life governed by competition, freedom to innovate, risk taking, cooperation between enterprises and numerous small investors, AND a functioning legal system to maintain the integrity of the market by punishing fraud and unfair competition and enforcing contracts freely entered into. This is what capitalism is about and the main point about it is that it functions within a system of “ordered” liberty. That is, there are rational people who understand that stronger, more well-financed, larger entities can game an excellent system to their advantage to the point that their dominant position replaces efficiency and rational risk taking as the determinant of success.

But this view of capitalism is anathema to the left that dishonestly attempts to ascribe to “capitalism” all the ills that unscrupulous actors can devise when left to their own devices. Derivatives? “Capitalism”! Near total monopoly in media? “Capitalism”! Bernie Madoff? “Capitalism”! Campaign contributions? “Capitalism”!

However, the above is but a detour from Blot’s point, namely, the rise of a new U.S.S.R. His “oligarchs” and “market econcomy” point is too vague. Nothing about a market economy requires mass importation of savages and parasites and, no, under a regime of mass immigration business doesn’t acquire workers who’ll work for less and thus enable the maximization of profits by squeezing the locals. The immigrants don’t work and remain welfare dependent into the second and third generations, not to mention their contribution to extreme social pathology and well-financed subversion.

No. Something more is at work. Barbara Lerner Spectre illuminates the unique Jewish determination to inundate white societies with third-world primitives and hostiles but it’s more than that as (1) the E.U.’s Frans Timmermans, of diversity is the destiny of mankind fame, and (2) that now gloriously late, lying sack Peter Sutherland, last United Nations special representative for international migration, make abundantly clear.

This has nothing to do with economics but reflects an agenda of vicious destruction that an ordinary person of good will simply cannot understand. It cannot be understood as political decisions honestly taken. These are simply not decisions based on conclusions about human existence arrived at by honest analysis of our problems on the part of men of good will and understanding.

Globalism is frequently posited as what underlies this but it isn’t that. Think Frankfurt School an the lunatic, satanic left’s desire to destroy, destroy, destroy. If workers won’t rise up against the old regime then let there be rot propagated from within.

As with the U.S. and French attack on Libya and Syria, the cultural Marxist leftists extremists have no clue about what life will be life if they achieve their goals. Presumably, they assume that civic-minded, compassionate luminous beings will at last govern unruly and disreputable low-minded, greed-obsessed, cretins in the right fashion and allow people like themselves to live as their innate decency and intelligence require, crying rooms and correct pronouns galore.

President of France.
If anyone wants a glimpse into truly addled thinking about human and political possibilities go no further than to read an article describing French President Macron’s speech to senior French diplomats in August of 2017. That is some concentrated idiocy and entirely representative of the “new totalitarianism wide-spread among the ruling elites.” It makes no sense whatsoever and floats above all understanding of history and human nature. Figure out where this lunatic thinking comes from and we’re way down the road to understanding how to reverse our mad, but determined, course to civilizational destruction.

[1] "The NATO Wall." By Yvan Blot, Current Concerns, 11/12/18, p. 12.

Edited, image added 12/18/18.

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Andy Texan said...

Globalism is the concerted and coordinated efforts of nearly all the governing elites of the world to install themselves as an aristocracy and impose from above a neo-feudalism. Is it any surprise that they seem to all be working from the same progressive playbook no matter where they come from? Elected officials have made common cause with big business, big media and the bureaucrat to employ each other, support each other and spout the same progressive dogma.