Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Quickies: Hatred Knows No Bounds

     There’s a YouTube clip, taken early in the presidential campaign for 2016, of a panel discussion in which Ann Coulter says, fearlessly as is her wont, that of the declared Republican candidates, the one with the best chance of ultimate electoral victory was Donald Trump. The camera immediately swung to the face of Joy Reid, whose expression was a perfect blend of incredulity and contempt.

     Joy Reid has never forgiven Coulter for being absolutely right. More to the point, she’s never forgiven Donald Trump for winning, which Reid equates to “making me look like an idiot.” (Mind you, she is an idiot, but that’s beside the point.) Today, this hatred-filled bitch is absolutely resolved upon bringing Trump down no matter what it takes or whome she has to hurt – and she has allies in the Socialist Republic of New York City:

     The Manhattan DA is investigating the President’s inaugural committee spending in the hopes of finding a crime. Joy Reid and her airhead guests used this as a jumping off point for discussion. Everything they said was conjecture and they had not one fact. They do want to see Ivanka imprisoned. One guest seemed to think there will be lots of crimes unfolding — any day now.

     Elie Mystal couldn’t understand why all the gossip surrounding the President isn’t enough to get him.

     At one point, they discussed possible tax crimes, embezzlement, and wire fraud although they had no evidence or facts. It would be funny except there are a whole lot of people just like them working in positions of power.

     Joy Reid and guest, Elie Mystal, would like to hurt Trump by targeting his children. They zeroed in on Ivanka.

     Please read it all. (There’s also a video, if you can stomach it.) Imagine what the reaction from Reid and her fellow-travelers would be were the Clintons to be targeted through Chelsea. Imagine if Barack Hussein Obama were to be targeted through Michelle, or their daughters. The outraged shrieking would be audible on Mars.

     But the Left doesn’t feel that strictures about not targeting family are binding upon it. They’d target Trump through his family dog if they thought they could get him for shitting on the sidewalk.

     It’s not enough to defeat them electorally. They must be expunged, root and branch: from government, from the media, from the world of entertainment. And when they’ve been deprived of all those pulpits, we should kick them off the planet. You know, for lagniappe!

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In the Left, we face an enemy without honor, without decency, without ethics, and without morality. They have violated the First Commandment to make deities of themselves, and then sit in judgment of those whom they view as inferior - that's US.

Against an honorable foe, you fight with honor. They don't act with honor; we cannot be bound by our own noble strictures any longer.

Francis and all, I'm done until New Years. I am sure there'll be a lot of news and discussion but... I need a mental break.