Saturday, December 22, 2018

Not Quite New Fiction (UPDATED)

     In fact, if you’re a Liberty’s Torch Gentle Reader, you’ve probably read them all already:

     This little collection pulls together the short stories that have appeared only here, and adds a few that previously appeared at Smashwords, from which I am gradually disassociating. Amazon won’t allow me to give it away, so I have to ask a price, but it’s only $0.99, so if you’d like a permanent copy of them, guaranteed to remain yours when the day comes that Google finally chases me off this service, it’s about a third of the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee. Consider it a Christmas gift with a small delivery charge. Also, it’s without the horror of “Digital Rights Management,” so feel free to pass it around.

     ADDENDUM: The Fortress is going into holiday mode this weekend, which is barely distinguishable from hibernation. Also, we’re having a houseguest, so I can’t stay glued to this infernal device all day as is my wont. Accordingly, blogging will be sporadic until the New Year.

     UPDATE: There's also a paperback edition.

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