Friday, December 28, 2018

Quickies: This Is Why I Always Go Armed

     On the day after Christmas, a couple of black savages decided to start an altercation in a Connecticut mall, with a couple of white girls who, it seems, were merely attempting to shop at a Journeys store. It escalated into a gigantic fight, involving 200 to 300 people, that required police intervention.

     Don’t take my word for it. Watch the video.

     Black parents resolutely refuse to take their young in hand, teach them the decorum required to survive in a predominantly civilized society, and discipline them when they transgress. Then this sort of thing happens...and when the young thugs are arrested, suddenly it’s an “overreaction” by the police.

     Yet people continue to ask me why I call myself a racist.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I just watched The Getaway with Steve McQueen filmed in 1972.
He sitting on a train, and a young black kid walks up and points a realistic looking water pistol at him.
The kid looks like a pre-teen Black Panther.
He shoots McQueen.
McQueen says, "I'm sure you're really a good kid, and your parents have taught you better, but if you do that again I'm gonna break your arm." And lets him go.
The kid then walks behind McQueen and shoots him in the back of the head.
The message is clear.

P hall said...

I believe the technical term for this behavior is "chimp-out".