Thursday, December 6, 2018

That Willie Horton campaign ad.

[G.H.W.] Bush's ad was so "racist" it never even showed Horton's picture. Instead, white male actors were shown passing through the "revolving door" of criminal justice.[1]
In fact, it was the forerunner of a zillion home security ads depicting the would be burglars as white males. Everyone knows the plot of that little fairy tale.

Rule Number One for our addled society is to finesse disproportionate black crime and that, among other things, without fail entails leveling the charge that the black prison population is large as it is because of “racism,” the gift that keeps on giving.[2]

Coulter aptly points out about the Horton ad:

What could be more central to a presidential campaign than an ad highlighting how Bush would handle criminal justice issues versus how the elected governor of Massachusetts was at that moment handling them?[3]
Indeed, what could? And Dukakis’s way of handling them was to release on furlough a violent felon who showed his predictably satanic nature when he invaded the home of his two victims. Quelle surprise!

It’s the mark of decent people that, within reason, they assume, the best about others. It’s only lunatic progressives, however, who assume the best about criminals with a court-certified track record of bestial behavior. Or who troll for votes even if it involves terrible danger to the law abiding.

But Bush was a racist for “noticing.” Noticing that Horton was a swine and that people who release such swine into the community are moral and intellectual cretins who shouldn’t be allowed to mow your grass let alone be president of the United States.

[1] "Bush's Finest 30 Seconds: The Willie Horton Ad." By Ann Coulter, uexpress, 12/5/18.
[2] The charge of “racist” drug policies is belied by the record of black support for tough drug laws. but don’t expect the political opportunists and liars to acknowledge that.
[3] Coulter, supra.

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