Monday, December 17, 2018

How Can Mueller Claim the High Ground?

When he lets a prolific child porn user/distributer* off with a $200 fine?

*The mere possession of the mass reproduction equipment, plus the homemade tapes, suggest that the offender should have been more thoroughly investigated for complicity with production/distribution, as well as have to testify at accomplices' trials.
Nope. He was well-connected, so this "mistake" was swept under the rug.

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pc-not said...

There are two sets of rules/laws. The rule of law, which distinguished our Republic from other forms of government, has been replaced by a code for the elite whom have power. The common folk, those not towing the line for the ruling class, have another set of rules applied to them. Justice is no longer blind in America.

Our founders created a great system of government. Unfortunately, before the ink was dry on the Constitution we started to deviate from that solid plan. Greed and power led to corruption. John Adams was right. Our Constitution was created for a moral and religious people. it has proven to be wholly inadequate for any other.