Wednesday, December 19, 2018


FWP: That GoFundMe effort for the border wall is nearing a million dollars pledged already.
CSO: Good!

FWP: But it will take at least $5 billion to get a decent start on the wall.
CSO: That’s not all. Trump has to find someone to build it.

FWP: Well, yeah. But he was in real-estate for a long time. He must know someone.
CSO: For a wall? No apartments? No shopping center? No casino?

FWP: Hm. Well, we could give him Tony’s number. [Tony is our general contractor.]
CSO: But Tony would want to do it all in white vinyl! You know, so it would look nice.
FWP: Yeah.

     Ah, marriage. What a wonderful institution! (Are you ready for life in an institution?)

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Rick C said...

$12 million, at lunch time Friday.