Sunday, June 9, 2019

A Bit of Fun

     There’s a “Straight Pride” event planned for later this year, in Boston. The organizers are apparently both wise and playful, as they’ve resisted the temptation to take themselves too seriously:

     By now you have heard all about the Straight Pride Parade in Boston. A lot of people are offended by a bunch of straight men marching for heterosexuals, but we love it and hope it puts a black mark on the fascist PC playbook.

     We post to Facebook and are afraid to mention the Grand Marshall’s name — he has been BANNED for LIFE! No mention of his name is allowed. So we have his photo here and it’s labeled:

     Milo should be proud. He’s the perfect choice, and I have no doubt he’ll twirl the SP baton with the appropriate majesty.

     Never let "them," whoever and wherever "they" may be, take your sense of humor from you.

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HoundOfDoom said...

Both Milo's and your books are must reads here. Two thought leaders that eviscerate the transnational leftists.