Saturday, June 15, 2019

High Trust Societies and Culture Clash

Why is America so resistant to many of the new would-be immigrants (to put the most pleasant construction on the Invaders)?

One of the issues is the cultures that are now pouring into this country are quite different from what is thought of as Standard American Culture.

How are they different? Read here.


WC McGirt said...

Actually, I believe the problem is an unwillingness to assimilate. Successful immigrants have adopted the American culture for the most part. The current crop, not so much.

This is not so much immigration as it is an invasion. We hesitate to accept this reality at our peril.

HoundOfDoom said...

Yup. The societal bond is definitely fraying, and in many cases broken. John Ringo released a book some time ago called 'The Last Centurion' which explored what happens to American units in the Middle East during a zombie apocalypse. The point was made that America is unique in that random people will form alliances to further their common good. This trait is practically unknown in the rest of the world.

And now it's becoming problematic here.

Good job government!

Col. B. Bunny said...

Ms. McGirl, I think isolating the "willingness to assimilate" aspect of third-world immigration is not the way to look at it. If it were, we could have assimilated foreigners who continue to turn their living spaces into garbage dumps. I don't see how someone could choose to assimilate but somehow think that doesn't involve conformity with the standards of the society into which one is assimilating.

It's more accurate to say that people who want to turn their living areas into garbage dumps cannot possibly understand what it means to assimilate. The same for Muslims in Germany who insist on slaughtering livestock on public streets or arranging FGM for their daughters. First the mindset has to change then there can be assimilation. Look at Rep. Omar Great English and legally a citizen but definitely not an American.

First the proper mindset (I hereby leave primitive ways behind me), then the assimilation.

Col. B. Bunny said...

But you're dead right about its being an invasion. One of my main points of contention with Trump is that he refuses to call it that and WILL NOT refer to his duty to repel invasion in Art. IV, Sect. 4. That fool insists on calling it a "humanitarian crisis." I think it's willful on his part. He says good stuff about borders but only about borders per se and misses the larger existential point. God bless him but he's what is called in the military as a "short round." Right direction but falling short of the target.

Col. B. Bunny said...


I saw someone civilian women picking up gravel laid down to maintain a paved road in Nam. The gravel was for a public purpose but they were taking it for a private one. The idea of trying to build up a critical mass of cooperation among all citizens did not appear to occur to them.

Great handle, by the way.