Sunday, June 9, 2019

When You’re For Death, You’re For Death All the Way

     …even if that requires you to bully and vilify a thirteen-year-old girl:

     Fascist Americans now think it’s okay to shout down a 13-year old child standing up for the unborn. The young girl, Addison Woosley is courageous and they are bullies. They could learn from the child.

     The young anti-abortion activist, was jeered incessantly during a speech after about 02:13 on the Facebook clip in which she called on the city to ban abortion and be a “sanctuary city for the unborn,” according to the Raleigh News & Observer.

     “Abortion should be illegal because it’s murder,” she began. “The definition of murder is the killing of one human being by another.”

     The Death Cultists know who their most dangerous enemies are:

     Despite pleas from many for the gallery to be quiet during the girl’s address, the abuse continued. “You’re a baby!” another person screamed at the child, after she described, in detail, the aborting of a live human being.

     But the disrespect did not just come from the gallery. Shockingly, as the last pro-life speaker, David Buboltz, took the stand, one of the council members, Stef Mendell, turned her back on him and refused to listen.

     Buboltz, who was wearing a shirt with an unborn baby on it that read “I am going to be murdered tomorrow!” was furious.

     “First I would like to say that, Stef Mendell, it is disgusting that you would turn your back on us and on these babies,” he said in an impassioned address to the council. “It is. It isn’t disrespectful to me. It is disrespectful to my God. And my God is all powerful. The Almighty God, the one who created the universe. You will stand accountable.”

     That’s a kind of accountability the Death Cultists can do nothing about. It’s why so many of them “play ostrich” by denying the reality of God and the afterlife. Shouting Him down is impossible.

     But more to the point, 13-year-old Addison Woosley was demonstrating to her peers that it’s possible and sensible to think for themselves, to differ with the “authorities” who’ve propagandized them, and to draw logical inferences from objective information. The entirety of the “public” school system is set up to batter the independence of mind out of our kids. John Dewey said so explicitly, and who would be a more reliable “authority” than he, the father of contemporary “education?”

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