Sunday, June 9, 2019

Giveaways Dept.

     Apparently it’s unacceptable for an American president to be gracious toward the Queen of England…if that president is Donald Trump:

     CNN rolled out chief international correspondent Clarissa Ward to argue that Trump was polite to the queen not because being polite to the queen is something heads of state should do but “perhaps he likes the idea of being a king.”

     On your mark, get set, groupthink: CNN international correspondent Max Foster followed up by repeating the same idea, “He likes the idea of being a king, which would explain why he’s so reverential in the palace environment.”

     CNN White House correspondent Kate Bennett echoed the idea with the message of the day, saying that although it was no big deal when previous presidents brought their children to meet the British monarch, “the president perhaps sees his children as American royalty or this is sort of our equivalent … the equivalency, which, you know, it’s not at all how we operate in America.”

     This isn’t reporting. It isn’t even “analysis,” the way journos take a drop or morsel of news and make it into a banquet of opinion. It’s practicing mind reading without a license. If President Trump said, “I like people,” Brooke Baldwin and Jim Acosta would pop up on CNN to somberly warn us, more in sorrow than in anger, that our president has just admitted he was a cannibal.

     Leftists are unanimous that President Trump shall be brought low. No means that might assist them in that effort, including mealy-mouthed nonsense such as is exemplified above, is out of bounds. And the major media, virtually without exception, are fully committed to that undertaking.

     Such badmouthing of Trump has descended into risibility. These miscreants can no longer conceal the personal hatred they hold for the man who thwarted their fantasies about a Progressive Century led by the First Woman President. Yet these are the people claiming that Trump is an agent of division who’s busily spreading “hate.”

     Among other things, they need a refresher in English grammar and syntax. Hate is a verb. The correct word would be hatred…though the assertion would remain utterly false.


Kye said...

The little minds never miss a chance.

Sam L. said...

CNN employees...just ainm't smart.