Monday, June 10, 2019

A Correction, For Whoever Cares

     In the past, when one of my novels has been mentioned in the Ace of Spades Sunday Book Thread, it’s been a modest stimulus to sales. Not this time, I’m afraid – and the reason grieves me deeply. Here’s what Oregon Muse, the Book Thread’s proprietor, had to say in announcing the availability of The Wise and the Mad:

     Available on Kindle for $3.99.Or you can get the entire collection for $6.99. This also includes The Athene Academy Collection, which consists of 3 novelettes.

     I have to warn you that these novels are rated NC-17 for sexual content. And if you're unfamiliar with the word 'futanari', you'd best not google it. Especially not images. I'm dead serious about this. Because what you see cannot be unseen. Francis has written other books that aren't quite so hardcore, for example the 'Realm of Essences' series, the first of which is Chosen One, which I've mentioned on an earlier book two three years ago.

     I can’t imagine what Oregon Muse was thinking. There’s virtually no explicit sex in any of my futanari series novels. I can only hope he hasn’t read them, because if he did, there’s no excuse for what he wrote above. Those three novels took me three years and a lot of painstaking effort to write.

     I have no idea what to do about this, but I’m definitely not happy about it.


Tracy Coyle said...

Very unfortunate because I found little (none that I recall) 'explicit' content. Conceptually there is a HUGE difference between the descriptions found in your books and what I am sure offends the Muse via Google which is porn oriented.

I left a comment on the thread but it is deep into the comments so I don't expect anything out of it. Sad.

Linda Fox said...

I KNOW they are not explicit, because if they were, I wouldn't have enjoyed them as I did. I regularly skip over the X-rated portions of books that I otherwise like.

Try sending a message to him - ask for some clarification about what is NSF in the stories. He may have seen something we did not.

Or, he could have just been horrified by the images he looked up.

You know what they say about a soft answer.

Tracy Coyle said...

I have left a review on Amazon but I have a few comments for you also:

NOT FAIR! Ok, I know life isn't, but leaving that story hanging is just criminal! I want MORE! Please?

This is the review I leave for you:

MY GOD! The insights make me think you are either the best researcher writing about transsexuals today OR you know someone. MY GOD! The moral questions about - not in the right/wrong way so often approached to them, but in the how can we apply our humanity to situations that never happened before? How do good people deal with bad situations when there is no one and no where to turn to for help? MY GOD! You can write! MY GOD! If there were Catholic priests and a Pope as you wrote them in real life, I'd have to consider....reconsider my attending Church again.

AND THAT is the legacy of your story, for me.