Sunday, June 9, 2019


     WARNING: This one isn’t funny. Player #1, an angry feminist, had just said that men are by nature oppressors and exploiters of women.

FWP: I must differ, dear. The great majority of men—
Angry Feminist: You don’t know me, Francis, so don’t call me “dear.”
FWP: Well, then how about “bitch?” Does “bitch” work for you?

     There came a loud chorus of gasps from those listening.

Angry Feminist: How dare you! I—
FWP: You nothing. I’m not going to permit you or any of your fellow traveler misandrists to dictate what I may and may not say. You’re an evil bitch who wants to provoke suspicion and hostility between the sexes, and what you just did is proof. So don’t bother trying to bully me out of my preferred locutions, because I will not have it!

     The conversation ended rather abruptly at that point, which was just as well.

     It wasn’t an argument, as we had absolutely opposed aims. I was trying to promote civility and an ethic of trust-by-default. She was straining to evoke as much discord between the sexes as she could. She bet that she could score against me by lowering the tone. I saw her bet and raised. She folded.

     And yes: I’d do it again. (I never said I was a “nice guy.” Perish the thought!) See also this interesting bit of news from Puerto Rico.


HoundOfDoom said...

(applause) Agree with the 'nice guy' characterization. You can be a good man, but the time for being nice has long past.

Ragin' Dave said...

I think your response was perfectly appropriate. If women do not wish to be addressed by polite, civil monikers, then it's only fair that we do what they ask and refrain from using those monikers. Which means we get to then choose what we call them, and if they don't like it they can take a long walk off a short pier.

And sometimes good men cannot be nice. In fact, being "nice" will give you the opposite results that a good man wants. I would say that the vast majority of problems in America today have occurred because too many good men have been "Nice" when what they needed to do was take off their belt and apply it properly and vigorously to the various people trying to destroy our civilization.


ROFL! Well done.

Despite my wife being a non-Caucasian and (at least until she goes through her conversion - please Hashem, soon!) Sunni Muslim, and a first-generation immigrant to boot, I get called "RAAAAACIST" and "ISLAMOPHOOOOOOBE" and "ANTI-IMMIGRAAAAAANT". And did I mention my late mother was an immigrant too?

Depending on how uppity I am, at the maximum:

They: You're a racist!

Me: And you're a traitor!

They: *gasp* What did you call me?

Me: You're a liberal, obviously a Democrat, and thus are a domestic enemy of the Constitution and America. You're a traitor from the party of treason. F*ck off.

Hasn't come to blows, but it's been close a few times.