Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Quickies: A Speculation On Supremacy And Insurrection

     Imagine the following scenario:

     President Trump, aghast at California’s declaration of itself as a sanctuary for illegal aliens, orders massive ICE raids throughout the state. Thousands of ICE agents pour into California and begin to seek out known concentrations of illegals, who are then promptly deported to their countries of origin. These agents gather information from American citizens willing to cooperate, and from others willing to sell information about concentrations of illegals for cash. Within a week thousands of illegals have been arrested and deported.

     The state government is incensed, It orders California law enforcement authorities to obstruct the ICE agents at work on the catch-and-deport effort. At first the obstruction is non-violent, but after a while California LEOs begin to make use of force and threats of force.

     Would that qualify as an insurrection under the Constitution? If so, what do you think the federal response would be – or should be? If not, what more would have to happen to qualify it as one?



I would, indeed, call it an insurrection. I would vote for the leaders to be summarily put against a wall and shot. Harsh, but it would quell it immediately.

furball said...

I think California would sue and get an injunction from a federal judge before they'd physically obstruct ICE.

Sam L. said...

I think they'd obstruct first and simultaneously go for an injunction.

Col. B. Bunny said...

It's an insurrection and Trump would firmly and unequivocally say that someone should do something about it.

Ryan said...

To quote Aliens, "Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure!"

Aesop said...

1) It would be an insurrection.

2) The 82d Airborne and the 101st Airmobile Divisions, along with every sworn federal law enforcement officer available, should swoop in, and take control of the governor, legislature, state supreme court, and the HQ of the CA Highway patrol, and the city and county governments complicit in the insurrection.
Everyone responsible from the governor downward to any complicit cop on the beat should be perp-walked in leg irons into federal custody, charged, prosecuted, and ultimately imprisoned, for conspiracy, and for every individual and separate violation sustained.
The leaders should be executed, publicly, and everyone below the top-tier given sentences commensurate with their crimes.

3) None of this has happened, nor ever will, short of state officers opening gunfire on federal agents.