Sunday, June 9, 2019

An Active Congress is a Dangerous Congress

One of the factors that got Truman elected in 1948 was his denigration of the "Do-Nothing Congress". It was believed by many voters that Congress had to ACT, to get bills passed, in order for the USA's economy to fully recover.

At this time, many in the Congress are similarly impatient about lack of action. From candidate after candidate, all you hear is what Congress needs to DO - that is, pass legislation. According to Leftists, that will completely solve all problems. They are like toddlers with a hammer - EVERYTHING looks like a nail.

At this link, The Silicon Graybeard explains why some legislation not only doesn't help, but may actively hinder, years after it was passed.

One state has jettisoned all of its regulatory rules - Idaho. It happened because of a fractured legislature, but it gives Idaho an opportunity to lessen the heavy hand of government. A Federal Sunset Provision on regulations every 10 years or so would do more for freedom than just about any election.

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jabrwok said...

The only action I want to see out of Congress consists of repealing laws and balancing the books (and securing the border, but we've already got laws for that, so they just have to *enforce* them).