Thursday, June 6, 2019

The Limits of Coercion

Government has always used some degree of coercion to get its plans in action. Sometimes raw action - death, imprisonment, wealth confiscation. Sometimes, rather heavy-handed use of social control, using other citizens to enforce their edicts.

We are now faced with a group of people - Leftists, Progressives, whatever you want to call the Assured Elite Who Know What is Best for You - who have no hesitation in applying the Heavy Hand of Government on those who would oppose their every whim.

As resistance builds up, they become more fervent about using that Heavy Hand.

The Arc of History is not a line - straight or curved. It is a chaotic mess, first one way, then backtracking, then jogging off to one side. It looks like this:

It's Life - Messy, Unpredictable, and Random.

For that reason, a Prudent Person would not make rules that THEY would not want to have to follow, should they get turned out of office. Although they might be in a position of power at the moment, that status is always open to change.

Those on the Left don't realize that truth. They are pretty much ignorant of a lot of Life's Lessons, but that's one that will come back to bite them in the butt later. When they are out of power, they can't just ignore all those rules, regulations, and laws they put into place. If they do, they will likely regret having used their power unwisely.

The Left is astonished that they may have to face consequences for their perfidy. They may spend time in court, paying expensive lawyers, face the real possibility of prison time, and lose whatever money is left to an IRS audit.

This is causing them to lose the portion of their mind that was still present. They have earned their Coat of Arms:

I would HOPE the Left would learn their lesson from this long-overdue comeuppance.

Given their history, I doubt they will.

Today's coercion is mostly a Woman's Way of Getting Power - through nagging, guilting, and public shaming. It's done culturally, not politically, and for that reason, it's really tough to stop. Women - and, those that adopt Womanly Ways - are more likely to organize a mob to assist them in getting rid of their enemies.

This rise in Mobbing demonstrates that official government action is not the only thing to be concerned about. Leftists have become quite adept at using Mobbing Tactics to get their way - see the article at the link for more. Yet another tactic - The Big Chill - is discussed here.

This is a good explanation of HOW Mobbing happens - you probably need to read about it BEFORE it happens to you. I got interested when I read the story of a person who was so overwhelmed by the effort to keep her job despite Mobbing, that she committed suicide - a not uncommon reaction to the process.

Mobbing is a fascinating phenomenon that is increasingly being deliberately used by Leftists and their Allies to force the noncompliant out of the workplace or public arena. You probably need to learn something about how it works to shut it down, before the Mob gets you.

Coercion also applies to our foreign battles - most recently, the tariffs that signaled we are going to act to support American Businesses. That is, those businesses that are based in this country AND employ American Citizens.

This link leads to an analysis of the dangers posed by China's attempt to dominate the 5G telecommunications networks, possible actions we could take, and the tariff solution. It also points out that a multinational that has little presence in the USA - other than the Elite Level of workers - loses a lot of the argument that America has to defend its interests internationally. We need to hold back on rescuing its property or people in those foreign countries, should their company get in trouble with their host country.

Let me leave you with something hopeful.

The Left better start worrying - the American citizens are Losing Their Fear - once you do that, you represent a real danger to the status quo.

There is a great movie - both edge-of-your-seat exciting, as well as provocative in the GOOD way - makes you ponder some very deep thoughts.

Red Corner - with Richard Gere - available on Prime Video.

In it, there's a scene near the end. Gere is in a Chinese court, handcuffed, and the judge warns him about a protest he is making. He says,
What are you gonna do, you gonna shoot me twice?
He has lost his fear. He is, at that moment, the most dangerous man possible.



Some years ago I worked for a global company that was, in parallel efforts, shuttering its domestic production while opening up facility after facility in China.

I remember, in a just-asking-to-play-Devil's-advocate way, "What happens if China decides to just take the plant over"?

"That can't happen, and if it did we'd take them to court".

The mind-blowing naivety of that statement was, well, mind-blowing. Were that to happen, I concur, not one drop of American blood to save them.

daniel_day said...

The tendency of the Left to use mobbing is nothing new. Here's an example out of a well-known US television series from the 1960s: