Thursday, June 27, 2019

Quickies: Beware Changes In Tactics

     I never know what in my morning reading will get the juices flowing. Today it’s this brief piece by Mark “Mad Dog” Sherman:

     I agree the progressive left cannot win. The actions of Google, Facebook, and the rest will not be enough; middle America is on to them, the American leviathan has awakened.

     Optimism plus confidence makes for an attractive posture...but there’s never a justification for absolute confidence. Military special operators will tell you: assuming that your adversary is stupid, unobservant, or inflexible can be hazardous to your health.

     Imagine for a moment that the Democrats’ strategists agree with Mark – i.e., that they realize that “middle America is on to them” and must change tracks to have a hope of prevailing in November 2020. Imagine further that they are neither stupid, nor unobservant, nor inflexible; indeed, assume that they’re quite as bright, perceptive, and agile as anyone on the Right. What new tactics might follow?

  • Attempts to distract “the awakened” with trumped-up crises and other diversions;
  • Fresh allegations of corruption among major Trump Administration figures;
  • New techniques for discouraging “the awakened” from voting.
  • New techniques for corrupting the ballot-counting.
  • New initiatives for enfranchising illegal aliens;
  • Other adventures in electoral “lawfare.”

     Those possibilities came off the top of my head at 5:45 AM, Gentle Reader. I have no doubt that there are other possible avenues the Democrats might explore.

     Glenn Reynolds has made a mantra out of "Don’t get cocky!" It’s the most important advice the Right will hear over the next sixteen months. Verbum sat sapienti.

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I was watching a short speech by Jamie Glazov to the effect that people want to be fooled. Just because there are revelations... and more revelations... doesn't mean people will wake up.

E.g., related to waking up. There are an increasing number of articles about the debt / unfunded liabilities that will inevitably spiral up to hyperinflation and "very bad times" yet, I bring it up even with financial people that I know, and they're dismissive. They don't WANT to face it.

It's why I'm cashing in my last 401K. Either it'll be worthless by the time I retire... or, as has been discussed openly, the Left will confiscate them and give you an IOU.