Tuesday, June 25, 2019

The FCC and Permissible Speech

The FCC rule that protects Internet companies that publish public commentary - forums, blogs, social media, etc. - is only protective as long as the company is Content-Neutral.

Content-Neutral means that - other than cooperating with authorities to prevent/detect actual crimes - the provider of such services keeps a hands-off approach, treating every post equally.

Which, social media is NOT doing.

One of the most important lawsuits to file would be a class-action suit against the big Three - Facebook, Twitter, and Google (as the owner of Youtube). This should be SOON - the election next year will, otherwise, likely be influenced by the heavy-handed Progressive forces behind those companies. I want them to enter election season wary of over-reach, and not using their companies as a Force for the Dems.

Please toss a few bucks to Project Veritas, which is providing a lot of the ammunition against these Regressive Forces.

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