Friday, July 5, 2013

An Indictment

There are some subjects on which I hate to be proved right. One of them is the great, enveloping subject of race.

There are...persons...who specialize in playing both ends of the racial divide. When it suits their immediate aims, they'll claim that there's "no such thing as race." At other times, they'll claim that some specific race -- usually their own, but sometimes not -- absolutely must receive preferential treatment under the law, as a matter of "justice." This sort of dishonesty currently runs rampant in these United States. It will continue to do so for as long as the rest of us tolerate it.

Then there are persons who hold socially disapproved views about race and race relations, but who keep them to themselves unless they're absolutely certain that their in the company of the like-minded and no one else. They fear to be called racists, knowing that that epithet has been the death knell for many persons' careers, social prospects, and general acceptability.

Then there are the willful idiots: persons who can see the contextual and statistical differences between the races, but who stoutly maintain that "that doesn't matter" or, worse, that "it's whitey's fault." Some of these persons are perfectly safe to be around when the subject is anything else. Not all of them are left-liberals.

And then there are the realists -- and not all of us are white.

The heading over this cri de coeur from a black schoolteacher is "Before It's Deleted." Whether it has been or will be, I have no knowledge, but its content does suggest the probability thereof, so I'd advise you to read it now, in its entirety. I'll wait.

Back already? My, my. I hope you took me seriously and read the whole thing, horrifying as it is.

The most visible contextual difference between American Caucasians and American Negroes arises when the Negroes cluster, whether transiently or persistently. A high density of Negroes elicits the tribal characteristics of that race, as I delineated them in this piece of some months ago. The reasons are more complex than many might suppose, but the behavioral cleavage itself is indisputable.

Given that behavioral cleavage, which is amply supported by crime statistics and anecdotal evidence, Robert S. Oculus's open, courageous assertion that "blacks are dangerous to whites" gains tremendous force, at least within the American context. Few white persons behave as if they're unaware of that danger, whether or not they admit to the recognition.

It's been asserted, repeatedly and from many quarters, that America's racial problems, from its social and occupational divides to its racially disproportionate crime statistics, are "the legacy of slavery." From that stance, the speaker normally goes on to claim that that makes it "our responsibility" to redress that legacy. His proposed method will almost always be self-sacrifice by whites: social, cultural, and economic preferential treatment of blacks, almost always through government, including forms of deference amounting to self-abasement despite the social, cultural, and economic survival imperatives implicit in the situation.

In no other case of which I'm aware has anyone been so bold as to assert that persons with absolutely no quantum of proximate responsibility for a pathology are nevertheless responsible for curing it.

Does it make sense to you, Gentle Reader?

If the unnamed black schoolteacher's observations constitute an accurate general assessment of the disparities between white and black American schoolchildren, we need no other explanation for the disparities between white and black American adults. The child, as they say, is father to the man.

What's particularly trying about the whole thing is the undisguised general attitude of black anger and resentment toward whites. That attitude incorporates assumptions whites, laboring under an imposed weight of undeserved guilt over racial disparities, have reinforced by pandering to them. That makes it dangerous to make an assertion contrary to them.

However, the time has come to make such assertions, and to insist upon them as strenuously as possible:

Today's racial disparities did not arise from "the legacy of slavery."
No American Negro alive today was ever enslaved by an American Caucasian.
Contemporary racial prejudice emanates overwhelmingly from blacks toward whites.
Yet American Negroes, under current law, enjoy privileges and immunities superior to those of American Caucasians.
Those privileges and immunities are blatant violations of the principle of equality before the law.
Their perpetuation will perpetuate and worsen the divisions between the races.
The dangers blacks pose to whites arise from them, as well.

If that made you spit up your coffee, Gentle Reader, you're part of the problem.

I express these sentiments openly because the time has come when someone must do so. America's social fabric is being torn by many forces, but race is prominent among them. To the extent that American whites accept the premise that American blacks' "problems" are whites' fault, and therefore whites to redress, we collaborate in the gradual destruction of our nation.

This is made particularly painful by the statistics on interracial crimes.

I have a personal stake in the matter: one of my stepdaughters is a science teacher in a public high school. Her district isn't majority-black, nor is it trending that way at a great speed, but the demographics appear to be creeping in that direction. She already has some difficulties with the "babysitting" aspects of her position, which has tainted her enjoyment of her occupation. I pray nightly that the moderate unruliness of those non-students doesn't shade over into the sort of disorder and violence reported from districts such as that of the unnamed black schoolteacher cited above.

Dark skin doesn't have to correlate with foul behavior...but overwhelmingly more often than not, whites accept it as if it were rightly ours to endure, as penance for the sins of others.

It's time for the madness to end.
Time for whites to cease to feel guilt over what others did long ago.
Time for blacks to accept that their "problems" are their own damned fault
We will all be damned if we persist in denying those realities.
And we'll lose our nation in the process.



lelnet said...

"Dark skin doesn't have to correlate with foul behavior"

Nope. It doesn't.

And what actual prejudice of white people against black people continues to be common is this: the assumption (mostly by leftists, often by those who most proudly trumpet their supposedly anti-racist beliefs) that black people are somehow congenitally unable to control themselves and behave in a civilized manner, and hence must be excused when they do not.

This is also, rather conveniently, the origin of the only valid argument that white people are responsible for the high rate of black criminality...our society made a collective choice to not expect and demand decent behavior from anyone of dark-hued skin, and so consequently as generations have passed, we've gotten less of it. As would be expected by anyone remotely familiar with behavioral psychology.

Anonymous said...

Correction - this is clearly written by a white man - not that there is anything wrong wit dat.

And, having once lived in the ghetto, it only touches upon the outright hostility many blacks exhibit toward whites.

Is seems that in the place of an earned dignity and self respect once apparent decades ago among blacks, what now substitutes is an unwarranted, unshakable "self esteem".

YIH said...

You don't have to worry about that schoolteacher piece being deleted. As a quick search confirms it appears many places.
Having seen it several times I can't really say that the anonymous speaker is black, white, male or female.
The references to (then-President) Clinton at least puts it in a time frame.
My point about saying that Africans cannot comprehend (or create) technology can best be shown in this YouTube video of some in the Congo attempting to build and fly an airplane.
As you'll see, they can somewhat mimic what they have seen but it's obvious they can't comprehend what makes and airplane (or even a bird) fly.
From Wikipedia: List of air carriers banned in the European Union.
As you can see from both the map and the list itself most of these banned air carriers have something in common.

SiGraybeard said...

I think you'd get the same results as that Kenyan aircraft if you picked a random crowd out of any shopping mall in America and had them build an airplane. If you got lucky, you'd find an adult who can do algebra. You probably wouldn't find one who could calculate the pounds of lift a wing can provide, or who could fore/aft balance an airplane. The average American could build a bridge as well as they could design a semiconductor wafer.

As the Great Sage Barbie has commented, "Math is hard!!".

I can think of no better summation of the problems with black culture in 21st century America than the the Supremes' hit from 1968, "Love Child". In 1968, black and white families were still basically intact. At the start of the 60s, the illegitimacy rates of both were about the same: about 25% of children bore "the name of shame I've been wearing" as Diana sang. Today, it has flipped, and while the white out-of-wedlock birth rate remains around 25%, that's about the rate of blacks born in wedlock.

The destruction of the black family has been the result of the half century since LBJ's "Great Society/War on Poverty" was started. The destruction of the family is the root cause of what's in that article. For half a century, it has been the policy of the US government to create feral black people. We are about to reap that whirlwind.

Wombat said...

When you say "we're going to lose our nation" I cracked a bit of a guilty smile.

You're nation is already gone. Only the carcass remains to be picked over by vultures.

It can be re-made from scratch, but to suggest that it can be saved is, at this point, patently false.

Fantastic article though. Keep up the good work, mate!