Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Lynching

No one does this sort of thing better than Bill Whittle:

Watch, and learn.

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Pascal said...

A late message from Alexander Solzhenitsyn sent to those for whom it has not become clear.

"The MGB wasn't interested in the truth and had no intention of letting anyone out of its grip once he was arrested." -- footnote 1, chapter 4, Gulag Archipelago

As demonstrated by Eric Holder's DOJ with George Zimmerman.

I would imagine you'd read this years ago but had forgotten it.

Yet, that's not all Solzhenitsyn wrote. This was a footnote to a spot in Chapter 4 ("Bluecaps") where he invoked Godwin's Law before there was such a blind and moronic avoidance of legitimate comparisons -- and the Gestapo fared favorably from the comparison in the full quote.

May the muse strike you well with this, for then certainly you will make hay better than I.