Saturday, July 20, 2013


It appears I've been given the unenviable position of saying the things others are unwilling to say. That's all right. We all have our tasks in this world; if this is to be mine, I'll discharge it as best I can.

America is in the throes of a national wailing session over the death of a thug.

Millions of people are bemoaning a single, unremarkable event, in which:

  • A teenaged thug...
  • Who was trespassing on others' properties in the dark...
  • Was spotted and challenged by a Neighborhood Watch volunteer...
  • Whom he (i.e., the thug) then attacked viciously and with stated intent to kill...
  • But was himself killed by the volunteer in a clear case of self-defense.

They're calling it a "tragedy."

Check me on this, please: Isn't a "tragedy" when someone dies who deserved to live?

Had the survivals and deaths been inverted -- had Trayvon Martin succeeded in killing George Zimmerman -- that would have been a tragedy. A decent man would have died and a thug would have lived. The reality is far different.

Another potential tragedy was averted when George Zimmerman was acquitted of all the charges against him. No other outcome that would have been in accord with the evidence, the testimony, and the basic right of self-defense. As it was, that Zimmerman had to stand trial at all was an offense against all norms of right and justice.

If there's a tragedy in all this, it's in the behavior of America's cadre of professional race-hustlers, egged on by a political elite that profits from racial animosity. We can see from national embarrassment Barack Hussein Obama's recent emissions on the subject that they haven't yet conceded the point.

But then, given the encouragement they get from white left-liberals and the Main Stream Media, why would they?

To call the death of Trayvon Martin a "tragedy" is to commit a grievous offense against both the integrity of our language and our conception of justice. If Martin's death was a "tragedy," someone needs to explain why the series of events that brought it about diverges so radically from other events we routinely call "tragic." For example:

  • On their way to their honeymoon, a bride and groom are torpedoed in their taxi by another driver, killing him and permanently brain-damaging her.
  • A beloved mother in her thirties is taken from her husband and children by cancer.
  • A dedicated lineman responding to an emergency is struck by a falling power line and electrocuted.
  • A highway overpass collapses, dropping huge chunks of concrete onto the heads of drivers below.
  • A troopship succumbs to a waterspout -- an ocean tornado -- sinking the ship and killing hundreds of young servicemen.

Those are pure-quill tragedies, in which the deaths were of innocents who -- nominally, at least -- had done nothing to earn their fates. They're the sort of events that prompt the publication of books with titles such as "Why Bad Things Happen To Good People."

How does the death of a felon killed in the process of committing aggravated assault and battery compare to those? Does it matter how old he was at the time? How about the color of his skin?

To me, these are events that speak for themselves, just as would the death of a burglar from police gunfire. We wouldn't call that death a "tragedy," would we?

In the immediate aftermath of Zimmerman's acquittal, someone said that "not every tragedy means a crime was committed." True enough, but insufficient.

Not every death is a tragedy. Some deaths are quite well deserved.

There's an explanation, of course. The race-hustlers are straining to establish as a default assumption that whenever a white man kills a black man, an injustice -- a crime -- has been committed. They can't do that when the facts are beyond dispute, as, for example, in cases of police intervention in a felony in progress. But an incident like the death of Trayvon Martin is exactly the sort upon which they've founded their "careers." So they blow their racial horns at maximum volume, from the instant it's reported.

When a jury's verdict strips those horns from their lips, they fall back on a "smaller" instrument: they trumpet about the "tragedy" involved, and pontificate about measures to reduce "gun violence," or "racial tension." Such attempts to blur the distinctions between a righteous act of self-defense and a lethal occurrence that was clearly no one's fault are both cynical and exceedingly clever. Like it or not, we do want someone to blame for such events. That's why we're so susceptible to conspiracy theories and other devil theories.

Ten years ago, I wrote:

Devil theories are becoming more important every day. Apparently, the failed cultures and ideologies of the world -- Islam; Marxian socialism; social-welfare fascism -- need to see their failure as someone else's fault, just as inter-war Germans did. There's no hiding their failures. No exertion of wishful thinking could convince Middle Eastern Muslims that they've seized the brass ring of human progress. Socialists cannot abide the suggestion that there was some error in their theories about state control of the means of production; the theory was too appealing, too elaborate, too perfect. American social-welfare fascists -- a.k.a. left-liberals -- cannot be dissuaded that, once the government has made everything either compulsory or forbidden and bludgeoned everyone into accepting their definition of "tolerance," there'll be full employment, wide-screen HDTV, and copious disease-free orgasms for everyone.

So all these groups are looking for someone to blame.

The socialists, especially in Europe, have decided to blame America. America makes an appealing devil: distant, powerful, and radically at odds with socialist doctrines. If they can persuade themselves that American cultural, economic and military "imperialism" is the cause of their failures -- and they really want to -- they can evade the blame for the horrors socialism has inflicted on its victims.

American left-liberals want equally desperately to believe in the corrupting power of the "vast right-wing conspiracy." Considering the mountains of ridicule they've heaped upon right-wing conspiratorialists, you'd think they'd be alive to the dangers of such a position, but never mind. Thoroughgoing government regulation of everything from interracial and inter-gender relations to the smallest details of the national marketplace simply had to succeed. Evil forces must have been at work.

Of Islam, there's not much new to say. The world's 1.3 billion Muslims are the most squalid, backward, unfree peoples in the world. How could this be? They've been perfectly faithful to the dictates of the Prophet. They were promised dominion in this world and Paradise in the next. What went wrong? Allah's enemies must have plotted against them! The Jews! The Christians! Wipe them out, institute universal shari'a, and surely all will thereafter be well!

Seldom has so much human folly been available for inspection all at once.

It would appear that little has changed...and that American race-hustlers and the power-mongers that encourage them are fully aware of it.

How do you like being a devil, White America?

We don't have much time left. The fractionation of the American people is approaching a state from which no recovery would be possible. If we're to save the United States as the United States, we can tolerate no further steps toward the abyss.

The race-hustlers must be sternly rebuffed.
Peaceable, law-abiding Americans must stand openly for justice.
Separatists and particularists must be quelled or compelled to "get the hell out."
All sallies toward exemptions from the law, regardless of their bases, must be rejected with prejudice.
Attempts to infringe on our rights by characterizing fully justifiable acts as "tragedies" must be rejected with equal force.

Am I doomed to be the only one saying such things?


Joab Parmacetti said...

"Am I doomed to be the only one saying such things?"

Not sure about that, but certainly you're not the only one thinking such things.

Your list of remedies ("The race hustlers must be sternly rebuffed...") would work, but it's hard to imagine any of them happening. President Obama's remarks yesterday sanction the racialist agenda, and so encourage it, fanning the flames. It's only going to get worse. Which takes us back to Your essay on Saturday, 7/13/2013, and the prediction of armed conflict. It's hard to see any other ending at this point.

robins111 said...

I rather expect that the blowup will be sooner, rather than later.. the justified rebuking sadly rarely happens as people go all wobbly and stand down before the job is done..

Anonymous said...

Blank Slate Theory being a fail, meaning the welfare state as fraud.