Monday, July 29, 2013

Dissemblings And Detoxifications

Among the functions of a palace guard, perhaps the second most important is this one: preserving the reputation of the royal family against imputations of misconduct and low motives. (The most important is, of course, keeping the monarch alive, well, and on his throne.) That's why guardsmen routinely stood sentry in the hall outside the king's bedchamber, and the bedchambers of his immediate family. The presence of an armed man in such a position guaranteed that only those persons the royals wanted "in the know" about their nocturnal doings would have direct and unimpeachable knowledge thereof.

Now think back to the presidency of John F. Kennedy. Then think forward to the present-day Democrat Party and its modern "palace guard," the Main Stream Media. Doesn't the behavior of the press with regard to the multifarious scandals in which Democrats have embroiled themselves these past two decades become terribly clear?

Much has already been said and written about the press's reflexive obeisances toward the Obama Regime and its various vassals. The current mock-blase attitude mainstream journalists are taking toward the many ongoing scandals, all of which point to severe moral shortcomings in high Democrat officials, is a deliberately cultivated veneer rather than a sincere dismissal of the genuinely trivial. That veneer is, of course, intended to shield an administration, and a party, which the press is desperate to protect from the proper consequences of its many crimes, misbehaviors, defaults.

Yet once in a great while, a sinner will simply have to go "under the bus." As little as the prospect might appeal to the powers of the Democrat Party, they will sacrifice him for the sake of the greater number, and for their continuing hegemony over the halls of power. That appears to be the case with Anthony Weiner, formerly a congressvermin from New York City and currently a candidate for its mayoralty. The worthy Ace of Spades commented on it thus:

New Yorker Begins The Collective's Coordinated Mass-Hate on Anthony Weiner

As I said in the podcast, it's not true that the media-Democratic complex never goes after a Democrat.

It works like this:

For as long as possible, the Media-Democratic Complex attempts to save a Democrat by either not reporting the story at all, and refusing comment on it, or, if forced to comment, by offering vague condemnations (to pretend they're betrayed) with shows of support for the beleaguered leftist (to maintain solidarity within The Collective).

However, at some point, sometimes, this NO ENEMIES TO THE LEFT strategy becomes untenable. At this point, The Collective turns viciously on the one they had been protecting, for two reasons:

1, out of genuine emotional anger at having been forced to protect him so long, and

2, in order to make a Conspicuous Show of their fidelity to the principles they pretend to believe.

They sort of ignore the part where they're actually the last ones to the party and in fact had be pressured/shamed into coming at all.

But to make up for their tardiness, they slather on vehemence.

They will protect you inside the soft, warm, wet Collective, but at some point, if you become a threat to The Collective, they will vomit you out and spit poison at you.

This is the pantomime of the Distancing/Purifying phase.

To which Mike Hendrix at Cold Fury added:

And when they do, notice too that they report the Suddenly, A Story! as if you already knew everything about it, glossing gently over the details, or eliding them altogether, as if everybody had soaked them up through some strange sort of osmosis, a cultural gestalt that they never, EVER acknowledge in any way…because THAT would demonstrate their awareness that if you only get your news from Court media, you wouldn’t have known what in the hell they were talking about–and therefore, a whole hell of a lot of us are in fact looking elsewhere for news. Worked the same way with the John Edwards story, too, and every other one where they’ve been finally forced to admit to the sleazy, slimy malfeasance of one of their erstwhile Saviors of the Nation.

Corrupt to the very marrow, that’s what, in more ways than just the obvious one.

Though this speaks eloquently to the corruption of the political Left, it's even more significant as it concerns the "palace guard:" the Main Stream Media themselves.

The palace guard is, to use a word that seldom appears in political commentary, commensal with the royal family. Should that family be expelled from power, the palace guard will be replaced as well. Both groups are jealous of their positions and prerogatives, and are equally ruthless in defending them.

The media strives not only to protect the Obamunists, their various hangers-on, but also their own place in the scheme of things. They've been hard pressed these past five years. The scandals are multiplying more swiftly than ever before; strategies of concealment and suppression that worked adequately well before the rise of the New Media are no longer viable. Word gets around far too quickly and reliably today for evasion-based techniques to be sufficient.Diversionary tactics -- i.e., striving to concentrate the public's attention on stories other than the ones that blot the Left's escutcheon -- are somewhat more effective, but are limited by the inherent power of the deflective events. More, the alternative news conduits aren't guaranteed to follow the Main Stream Media in concentrating on those diversions.

So when word comes down from On High that some pol must be thrown to the wolves, the press complies with alacrity and energy. Anthony Weiner is merely the best current example.

Weiner is a perfect sacrificial lamb for a simple reason: As far as anyone can tell, his sins are entirely of a personal nature. He cannot be accused of any of the "feasances" for having conducted seedy online trysts with women other than his wife. No one has risen to accuse him of any ex officio crime. Therefore, casting him into the outer darkness to weep and gnash his teeth costs the Democrats no further erosion of their tottering reputations for integrity and competence. More, it costs the Main Stream Media no further erosion of their reputations as trustworthy watchdogs over the official deeds of the powerful.

Manus manum lavat.

Alert watchers have known for some time that the Main Stream Media are untrustworthy as guardians of our public institutions. "Weinergate," despite the media's hope that it will shore up their declining credibility, can be used to accelerate their downfall -- and it should be so used. The key is to emphasize its self-serving nature: the ill-concealed linkage between the health of the Obama Regime and the fortunes of the media themselves. Ace's delineation of the "script" for the amputation of the Weiner-gangrene is a perfect way to go about it.

Spread the word.

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