Sunday, July 28, 2013

Indie Fiction Part 2: The Birth of WIFWA

Enough of this standing around and waiting for someone else to get moving.

I have just registered: the home address of the Worldwide Independent Fiction Writers Association (WIFWA). I'll shortly be building the website, soliciting members and volunteer critics, and generally making as loud a noise as I can in the world of indie fiction.

We shall see whether I can marshal sufficient assistance and resources to do the job.


Scott said...

Go and make this work well. I'd use it.

Archer Garrett said...


I lurk hear a lot, but never post.

I had a long-winded comment that blogger ate, so I'll be concise this time around.

The biggest hurdle, I see, for WIFWA would be a recognizable brand. Of course, time and quality deliverables will build this. Both writers and readers need to see the benefit of the brand. Indie writers definitely need someone who will provide the services that the publishing houses (supposedly) provide - editing, promo, covers, etc.

You also want a reader to see a book with a WIFWA logo on it and think, "I've been burned in the past by indie, but WIFWA authors are more polished, so I'll give it a try."

Sarah Hoyt has been musing about something like this for quite a while now.

Francis W. Porretto said...

Absolutely correct in all particulars, Archer. It will require persistence, patience, and a lot of effort from a lot of noble volunteers. At the moment, I'm the only one, which is a little scary, but I have my hopes.

The bottom line is that it has to be done. I see no other means to free indie fiction of its reputation as a channel completely dominated by "writers" who cannot and should not write.

Would you please help spread the word?

Archer Garrett said...

I will post it on all of my outlets and help you spread the word.

Anonymous said...

Eventually an Annual WIFWA Anthology would be in order. I finally joined Smashwords and published my short story 'Seeking Forever' there. To my surprise it has been downloaded 30 plus times in just under 24 hours. Count me in.