Thursday, November 7, 2013


CSO: I’m having dinner with Anya tomorrow night.
FWP: ...grunt...
CSO: Don’t worry, I won’t be home late.
FWP: ...grunt...
CSO: She feels the same way as I do about Fridays. Get home, put on your sweat clothes, and veg out.
FWP: That’s what you do every night.
CSO: Well, yes.
FWP: You are the most predictable, utterly boring creature in the known universe.
CSO: But you do the same thing!
FWP: Of course. That’s why I put up with you.
CSO: Because my boring-ness makes you look less boring?
FWP: No! Because of the First Rule of Concealment!
CSO: Huh?
FWP: “Always hide among a lot of the same things.”
CSO: ...groan...