Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Elite intentions.

No Muslim immigrants in any country in the First World vote for parties of the right. In the last French elections 90% of Muslims voted Socialist. Same story in the USA, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Spain and Italy. That’s the whole reason they are here. All over the advanced world, leftists have supported Muslim immigration because they know that Muslims are a far more reliable and easily defraudable block vote than their former bedrock support, the indigenous working class. Any Tory that does not realise this basic fact about the contemporary world is too stupid to be entrusted with a pair of scissors, let alone a career in politics.

Furthermore, if the Tories wanted to win the Muslim vote, they would have to advance policies Muslims like, policies which would be complete anathema to anyone with the faintest degree of respect for western style liberal democracy.[1]

So naturally our treasonous leftist elites import Muslims by the millions so that the white Western populations can be inundated by a hideous culture and every Western nation can be destroyed.

If that seems a stretch consider one common sense legal principle of interpretation as applied to violation of municipal ordinances and laws against speeding, to wit, "People intend the natural consequences of their acts."

Is there evidence that they intend otherwise? No. None. Whenever the elites come to a point of decision, it's full steam ahead against the people who founded and built the nation.

Take border control in the U.S. Reposition troops from the Pakistani border with Afghanistan to seal off the southern border of the U.S.? An absurd idea. Sound the charge, instead, on some utter ******** about needing a "comprehensive" solution to the "immigration problem," necessitating, it seems, not a bleeping fence or high-frequency border patrols, but passing out citizenship to foreigners who self-immigrated and deliberately creating substantial financial incentives for yet more border crossing. Common sense measures get translated into some pathetic obfuscation, which the press then takes up with hosannas and ululations.

Ergo, Western elites intend the destruction of their own countries so that they may enjoy a temporary political ascendancy and consequent access to buckets of pelf.

And if their own people go down under the waves, well, who gives a good *** damn.

[1] Comment by Martin Adamson on "The Tories are failing to connect with Muslim voters. This is not good enough." By Peter Oborne, The Telegraph, 10/4/13.

H/t: Gates of Vienna..

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