Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Quickies

I don’t have any essay-size topics for today, and a bunchaton of domestic chores and other practical matters to address, so I hope you won’t be too let down by the following quick emissions:

First, to the anonymous commenter of a week ago who was curious to read more about the life of Paul of Tarsus, my parish priest Father Edward Kealey recommends two works by Father Jerome Murphy-O’Connor:

The former is more scholarly; the latter is written in a more narrative, almost novelistic style.

Second, in connection with the demise of Saints Peter and Paul and the “sub-apostolic” period that followed, Father Ed made some interesting observations just this morning, about the “house churches” that predominated during those years. The absence of towering personalities who had direct acquaintance with Jesus seems to have brought about a recognition that the faith itself would persist and continue to gain allegiants despite the departure of the last of His Disciples from mortal life. The hundreds of what we might call “micro-churches” today, though they functioned independently from one another, nevertheless maintained a communion of faith that saw the Church through its difficult early years to the culminating events of the Fourth Century and the Council of Nicaea, when most of the Christian doctrines we uphold today were first formalized.

If only the many fragmented descendants of Christendom could agree on such an overarching communion in this century: the separation of the key elements of our faith from the opinions of mere humans and divergences of ritual. The world would be a far better place for it. (And I say that only partly because I’m tired of being accused of “worshipping” the Blessed Virgin.)

Third, to the several Gentle Readers who wrote to inquire about the following:

...especially on a Saturday morning on which, to my considerable surprise, I find myself remarkably pain-free.

It’s just old-age stuff. Really. No need to worry about me.


  • To Yankees fans: Don’t hate the Red Sox. Not every year is our year, you know. We’ll get ‘em next season...assuming we can field a team that can leave its crutches and Electric Mobility scooters in the dugout.
  • To Giants fans: “bye-weeks” really are Hell, aren’t they?
  • And to Rangers fans: Go, Derek Stepan and Carl Hagelin! Bravo!

And may God bless and keep you all!


A Reader said...

I have often thought, and still maintain, that one thing we will learn as we gather together before the Throne is how wrong we all were about our petty differences, how much these meaningless divisions have grieved His heart, and how to worship together forever. I don't think we will stop singing the songs we have learned, or even necessarily abandon our liturgies, but at last they will all blend together into the unity for which He prayed. I imagine God likes a good symphony. What could be more symphonic that "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty" sung in every conceivable language and cadence?

Francis W. Porretto said...

A beautiful thought, Reader. Thank you.