Friday, March 3, 2017

Big mystery.

Meanwhile, the problem of financing terrorism in Syria and Iraq has not been solved yet and it is still present. The DOD has revealed no breakthrough solution having reduced its efforts to cutting off terrorists, targeting oil-refining infrastructure of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, imposing sanctions on those buying oil from the Islamic groups, blocking financial channels in cyberspace and stopping illegal trade of cultural heritage artifacts. The reasons that have been preventing the U.S. authorities from achieving results in this direction so far remain a mystery.[1]
Well, not so much of a mystery.


The U.S. supports ISIS as a faithful member of the coalition of states who provide men, funds, weapons, and materiel to ISIS. Saudi Arabia is a member of "our" coalition and does all of those things. We "wage war" in Syria and Iraq to help our "coalition partners" achieve their objectives in Syria and Iraq.

Everything that ISIS does it does in our name.

[1] "Pentagon’s “Devastating” Plan for Crushing ISIS Fails to Live up to Its Name." By Sophie Mangal, Southfront, 3/2/17. Originally appeared at GlobalResearch.

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