Saturday, March 4, 2017

What Will it Take for Europeans to Push Back?

A smart woman.


Jimmy the Saint said...

The last European, kneeling blindfolded at the edge of the pit, will, right before he's shot, have a very vigorous internal debate about whether or not to consider evaluating whether or not complaining about the tightness of his bindings would offend his captors. Just before the bullet hits, he'll decide that it probably would, and therefore wouldn't be civilized.

KG said...

What Jimmy said is my belief also.

Anonymous said...

There is something I've never understood. How can people go so quietly to their death? If you're going to die anyway fight to the last. Dig my own grave? Sure, and thanks for the weapon (shovel). If I'm going to die anyway I might as well try to take a few or at least one with me.

Col. B. Bunny said...

It's the biggest mystery of my life. Someone spitting in my food or toughing my woman is instantly communicating a grievous insult. Video of illegals crossing the border single file and riding on the top of Mexican trains (with Mexican government approval) stimulate a white-hot fury in me. You'd think this would the natural -- and instant -- reaction of any man or patriot but you'd be wrong.

Muslims take it to an even higher level but still there's no reaction.

A friend gave me a book of cartoons about Chinese in Hong Kong. It was a very humorous take on their quirks and foibles. My favorite was of a Chinese "bloke" who was oblivious to some theft or infringement on the part of the local government but when it threatened to do something that affected betting on the horse races the guy went ballistic.

Then there's the observation that liberals will never figure out that their life is being changed negatively and forever. Conservatives will only figure it out after it's too late. But a reactionary knows immediately what's going on. Needless to say, I think there are a lot of people in the first two categories.

It's quite fascinating to read the blog Gallia Watch. Tiberge provides detailed analysis of what the various presidential hopefuls are saying. The opportunistic, pathetic backing and filling is something wondrous to behold. Not that French politicians are unique but at the presidential hopeful level in France the stench seems particularly strong to me. Of course, only Le Pen begins to say realistic things about Islam but even she seems to have to pull her punches. The rest are clueless or willfully blind and it's clear that the electorate is going to turn their backs on Le Pen. Groundswell of outrage over France being taken over by Muslims and French official treason? Zero.