Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tuesday Terpsichore

     No, we didn’t get as badly blasted by the snow as we feared. We got about three inches of snow that didn’t persist due to a lot of rain and wind. And for this there was much rejoicing.

     But a PSA from my Internet provider – “we’ll work ‘round the clock to keep you connected” – got me to wondering: Now that just about everyone in New York has a backup electrical power generator, will we soon see New Yorkers installing backup Internet services, to maintain their all-important connectivity? I mean, if I were deprived of Internet access for as much as an hour, why, I a book, or play the piano or one of my guitars, or something. The horror!

     Anyway, on with the snow show.

1. Racism Review.

     There are days when, all my natural inclinations to the side, being an ‘out and proud’ racist strikes me as the safer course:

     The new Coleman Silk is Doug Adler, a (former) ESPN sports announcer whose career was demolished because of a frenzied overreaction to his (correct) use of a single word: Guerilla. Adler was calling an Australian Open tennis match between Venus Williams (who is black) and Stefanie Voegele when he said, “You see Venus move in and put the guerilla effect on. Charging.” Adler noted that “guerilla tennis” is a commonly used phrase and has been ever since a famous 1995 Nike TV spot of that title in which Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi hastily strung a tennis net across a busy city street and started playing right there.

     When Adler made his “guerilla” remark, a few Twitter users accused him of using the word “gorilla,” their complaints amplified considerably by New York Times tennis writer Ben Rothenberg. “This is some appalling stuff. Horrifying that the Williams sisters remain subjected to it still in 2017.” Wait, the Williams sisters, plural? Who said anything about Serena Williams? Rothenberg took one misunderstood word, turned it into an imaginary insult, then doubled the fantasy slur. When what Roth termed “the ecstasy of sanctimony” takes over, logic bows its head and retreats. Rothenberg’s Tweet was re-Tweeted 142 times, reaching many thousands and apparently Adler’s bosses.

     Which has apparently brought an end to Doug Adler’s career.

     Behavior such as this from a Times staffer shouldn’t surprise anyone. Remember the flap made about that poor clown who dared to use the word niggardly? On the other side of the political fence, remember when black conservative Niger Innis appeared on some talking-head show, and the station chyronned his name as Nigger Innis? All perfectly innocent, I’m sure. In the Great Cause of Social Justice, anyway.

     As I’ve said more than once, this mick-wop honky has had enough, and all you niggers, sheenies, spics, beaners, slant-eyes, camel jockeys, and little brown fuckers had just better watch it from now on.

2. The Dead Thug That Just Won’t Die.

     It appears that some “documentarian” is determined to keep Michael Brown’s death fresh in our memories:

     Jason Pollock, the director of the “documentary” Stranger Fruit has been all over television, literally screaming that the authorities failed or lied about Michael Brown’s murder. As you’ll see in this clip from Fox News, Pollock is now including the FBI and the Obama Department of Justice in his claims. None of them, apparently, ever wanted to get to the truth....[Pollock] adds that anyone who sees the tape who is “not a bigot” will understand what happened. MacCallum doesn’t really challenge Pollock on what happened at the convenience store but as I showed here yesterday it appears whatever deal Brown tried to work out didn’t happen. The clerks did not take his pot. They place it back on the counter. When Brown tried to leave with a bag of merchandise they call him back and then put everything back on the shelves. Finally, the next day when Brown returned and choked one of the clerks, they called the police saying they had been robbed.

     Next, MacCallum argues that the real reason people think of Michael Brown as a “bad guy” is because of what happened during his interaction with Officer Wilson. When she suggests the FBI and the Obama DOJ would have indicted Officer Wilson if they had been able to Pollock yells, “Not true! Don’t just say that.”

     “You’re suggesting that 40 FBI agents were all in cahoots…” MacCallum starts to say.

     “I’m suggesting that the Department of Justice failed,” Pollock replies. “Yes, they failed! They failed!” he shouts.

     “So it’s not possible in your brain that what happened there was what was found by the grand jury and 40 FBI agents. You’re saying all of that doesn’t matter?” MacCallum asked.

     “Yes,” Pollock replied. “When the facts of this case come out in my film Stranger Fruit, the real facts of this case, the facts of this case that Bob McCulloch doesn’t want us talking about, like the fact that Michael Brown was shot in the head and a bullet came out of his eye. Do you know how that would happen?” he continues.

     Near the close of this clip, MacCallum brings up “three different forensic investigations that were done.” Pollock literally waves these away saying, “I don’t care. They failed him. They all failed.” So now the medical examiners, including one hired by the family, are part of the conspiracy too I guess. How else to explain that they all reached the same conclusions.

     “Don’t believe the forensic examiners, the grand jury, or your lying eyes, believe me!” This isn’t just a demand from one loony pseudo-journalist; it’s a standard emission from the SJWs. And it’s already way past its expiration date.

3. Say What?

     Adrienne, I love you and all, but this is a wee bit shortsighted:

     There's snow falling in New York on March 14th...and we should care, why?

     This snow storm even has a name.

     Why is New York snow more important than, say, Odie The Woodsterman snow? Every time he gets his driveway and sidewalks shoveled he gets another two feet of unnamed snow. Does naming a snow storm make it more important? Hey, Odie - next time it snows run out, smack a berm with a shovel and cry out, "I dub thee Snow Charlotte", or any name of your choosing. Maybe the UK Daily Mail will pick up the story.

     State of emergency, shelter in place (what the hell does that mean?) Does it mean I should stay on a city bus if the snow starts falling while I'm headed home? Or hunch pathetically in the corner of the subway?

     Bread and milk wiped out. Schools closed. Flights cancelled.

     It's going to snow!

     I know a lot of persons outside New York don’t much care for the Big Apple. Hell, I could say the same for a lot of New York State residents outside the Five Boroughs. But that doesn’t change certain facts, as annoying or unpleasant as they might seem.

     New York City is the financial capital of the Western world. Several trillion dollars worth of transactions flow through the city every business day. Anything that upsets that flow affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Yea verily, even a few in Idaho.

     Remember a few years back, when some naughty types hijacked two airliners and knocked down a couple of tall buildings in lower Manhattan? The effects were rather widely felt. You might have felt them, too. So be not too quick to dismiss our seemingly provincial agonies. They could matter a lot more to your little province than you think.

4. Remember Those Naughty Congressional Staffers?

     You know, the ones who leaked all the Democrat Congressvermin’s emails? Seems they might have had more than one paymaster:

     Congressional IT staffers who are the subject of a criminal investigation into misusing their positions had full access to members’ “correspondence, emails, confidential files,” and there was almost no tracking of what they did, a former House technology worker said.

     Imran Awan bullied central IT to bend the rules for him so there wouldn’t be a paper trail about the unusually high permissions he was requesting. And their actions were not logged, so members have no way of knowing what information they may have taken, the central IT employee said.

     Awan ran technology for multiple House Democrats, and soon four of his relatives — including brothers Abid and Jamal — appeared on the payroll of dozens of other members, collecting $4 million in taxpayer funds since 2010.

     U.S. Capitol Police named him and his relatives as subjects of a criminal probe on Feb. 2, and banned them from the complex’s computer networks. But members of Congress for whom they worked have downplayed their access or publicly ignored the issue.

     But of course! Those Democrats were proud they’d hired Muslims for their IT staff. They were conspicuously displaying how open-minded and tolerant they are. If it’s ever determined beyond a reasonable doubt that the Awans didn’t provide foreign adversaries with American national secrets, we should count ourselves supremely fortunate. But how likely is that?

5. And This Surprises You Because...?

     Homosexuals have made a habit of defining themselves by their sexual preferences. They’ve made those preferences the center of their lives. They’ve trumpeted them at the normal majority in a blatant display of disdain for and triumph over millennia of social norms. Given that, should this really surprise anyone?

     Julie Kay Werkheiser and Samantha Stone were both dance teachers in upstate New York. Werkheiser owned Studio J Dance in Waverly, about 40 miles from Binghamton, where Stone owned Creative Dance Elements. At some point, Stone divorced her husband and is now Samantha Werkheiser. And both of them have been convicted of molesting children. In February 2016, Julie Werkheiser was sentenced to 11 years to life in state prison after a jury convicted her of felony predatory sexual assault against a child. Police said that between July 2006 and November 2007 she abused two dance students, who were 6 and 8 at the time. Last week, a judge sentenced her wife, the former Samantha Stone, to 15 years in prison for first-degree course of sexual conduct against a child.

     Lesbian Dance teachers were teaching their students Lesbian Dance. At least we got truth in labeling...of a sort.

     That’s it for today, Gentle Reader. The Ides of March is a special day here at the Fortress of Crankitude: the anniversary – at least, in Shakespeare’s retelling – of the first completely justified political assassination recorded by history. Yes, there have been others. There might be more. But that first one was dramatic enough to inspire one of the greatest works in Western literature. That calls for an extra glass of Harvey’s around here.

     Until tomorrow, be well.


brinster said...

Francis, let's not forget being fed up with the fags, dykes and trannies.
And...we've been told by our betters that gender is a social construct, why stop there? Since we're able to determine our gender, can't we also determine we're any form of animal, or inanimate object?
I think I'll be a Bunn Coffeematic and make the quickest, best tasting coffee you ever had.

Arthur said...

I actually had to look up 'sheenie'.

I'm more familiar with the traditional litany.

Unknown said...

...and I had to look up the word "dykes" ... not that I have any doubt as to the culturally accepted meaning, definition or label. I wanted to see if there was still a definition like I knew in the fifties: a nickname for a guy who was a wire cutter, i.e. an electrician.

On the USS Fremont I know a CPO who all his friends knew by 'Dykes' and that's because he (like me) was a radioman. I was USMC... We must have played a thousand games of cribbage and I never one time called him 'Dykes' ...I called him Bill. Sometimes I called him Sheriff, because of his last name... he was also a magician, and showed me pictures of his twin girls.

heck, I'm sorry off the subject. Thank God it's still possible to wonder off on a rabbit trail from the stinky gore that oozes the news.

jim rock said...

How many Marcus Brutus clones would it rake to REALLY drain the swamp?

daniel_day said...

So did I, Arthur. I wonder if it's East Coast slang.