Saturday, March 4, 2017

Exploring the dark side.

Babylon 1900.
Once a thriving city of 40,000, East Cleveland now has a population of 17,000 and is in ruins, with street after street of abandoned and decaying homes and buildings. Former mayors and city officials are in prison for corruption. Schools that were once excellent now pass only two or three of 24 state tests, even though they receive more funding per pupil than most suburban schools. The police and fire departments are reduced to skeleton staffs, and many city services have disappeared. The mayor and city council president have recently been recalled, and the city’s only hope of survival is either declaring bankruptcy or merging with Cleveland. At one time, blacks moved to East Cleveland for a better life; now it is a destination of last resort.

Government is partly to blame. Section 8 subsidies and risk-free, government-sponsored mortgages give people no vested interest in their community. They are free to walk away from property in which they have invested nothing.

People who lived in East Cleveland as late as the 1970s have told me what a great town it was, and how they loved Shaw High School. Now there are no stores or businesses. Instead of living in an affordable community close to Cleveland’s cultural center, whites choose one-hour commutes and mortgages they can’t afford in order to escape from blacks. East Cleveland today is the result of a black population with black leadership, and until America begins to understand race, there are more East Clevelands in our future.[1]

An example of what resulted when our finest social engineers thought of ways to deal with "poverty."

It turned out that the poverty in question was poverty of the spirit.

Charlie Brown, come kick this football!

[1] "How I Learned About Blacks." By William Hendershot, American Renaissance, 2/10/17.


Anonymous said...

An example of what resulted when our finest social engineers thought of ways to deal with "poverty."

The first use of government-gives-you-everything in America was in the Indian reservations. The goal was ethnic cleansing, but with better optics than shooting them and leaving them lying on the plains.

It turned out that the poverty in question was poverty of the spirit.

That's much too poetic and hopeful. A life with meaningful work removed is a type of Skinner box, and personalities inside develop abnormally. Indians can't withstand it. Blacks can't withstand it. British Anglo White soccer yobs can't withstand it. Socialism is a poison for the personality, and nobody can withstand it.

jabrwok said...

I'm a bit suspicious. The number, and severity, of incidents he describes would call into question the sanity of any teacher who remained in that environment after the first one or two.

I can easily believe that all those incidents occurred, but it looks like the sort of story where the writer conflates multiple peoples' stories into one larger narrative.

That, or he's just a trouble magnet and a glutton for punishment.

Anonymous said...

Its a great scam.
Don't want to live there - you're racist
Don't want to have a business there (or in the case of a former employer get tired of arson on your business - you're racist
No stores in the crime ridden area - racist corporations
No job because business' leave - racist corporations
You don't want your tax money going there - you're racist
Finally, it is all your fault because of 'white privilege' and your racism.

Funny thing white privilege. How it is assigned? Can you tell if someone has it by looking at them? What if they are of mixed race but 'look white'?
Assigning 'white privilege on the basis of skin color smacks of Jim Crow laws. One drop of white blood enough to make you have it? If so then Obama and many others have it.

Col. B. Bunny said...

The reservation system was no favor to the Indians. Lord knows what casino money does to the social fabric of the tribes who get it.

You're also exactly right about the poisonous effect of the handout culture. If you have a job you're accustomed to being answerable to the boss and moderating your own behavior accordingly. Plus you get the pleasure of interacting with co-workers that is more fulfilling that staying at home or hanging out with other confused people.

As an alcoholic I heard once at an AA meeting said after recounting the utter disaster that his life with alcohol said, "And my best thinking got me there." An insightful comment and applicable to what all those educated and enlightened progressives who think that their thinking is all that the world needs.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Jason, I believe the author was a real estate investor. I'd have to re-read his article but I think he did acquire other properties in better areas. Be that as it may, he made an early investment in a community that was white and stable. That changed rather rapidly and he was left with something of an albatross, I think. I'm betting he found himself locked into having to try to get his money out from rental income rather than selling at even break even. I does seem like he was a glutton for punishment if he had another reason for hanging on.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Anon, you describe the central pathology of black society, in particular that of black politicians, with a few honorable exceptions.

To wit, a resolute refusal to take responsibility for one's own actions. More to the point, it's YT who's responsible for all their problems.

I hope you've seen the YouTube video of a black mother put up in a motel room by the government. I think she had something like 10 children and she remarked, "Someone has to be held responsible for this." It's hilarious.