Saturday, March 11, 2017

TAKE NOTE: Books At A Discount (STICKY for the Duration)

     For the week of March 5 through March 11, my books Chosen One (the first volume of the Realm of Essences series) and Which Art In Hope (the first volume of the Spooner Federation saga) are

Free Of Charge At Smashwords all recognized eBook formats. The other books in those two series are 50% off: $1.50 for each volume. So if you’ve been hanging back out of penury or doubt, now’s your chance!

     Other worthy works will be available at a discount there, but their authors will no doubt be doing their own promotion. Enjoy!


Mike Miles said...

I will be grabbing these books up like a Ferguson rioter!
This post is posted tomorrow but I am in today (friday). You need to let me know how you created this time warp! or just post the stock market for me....

Francis W. Porretto said...

(chuckle) I can't compromise a national-security secret like that, Mike. But I'm glad to hear you'll be availing yourself of the books. I hope you enjoy them.