Friday, June 30, 2017

Fantasy land.

What has been evident right across Western media recently however is the development of a new narrative – “the end of Islamic State” – accompanied by talk of “winning the peace”. This narrative is both delusionary and disingenuous – though that’s hardly a strong enough word to describe the evident planning for ongoing illegal military occupation of Syria by the US and its allies. Not only does it envisage some fantasy state existing outside any international convention or UN resolution, occupying the territory of the “former” caliphate, but the picture excludes all the parties who have legitimate interests in Syria including Syria’s own government.

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. . . The Syrian jet they shot down near Raqqa was purportedly targeting IS forces, though these may have been indistinguishable from militants fighting with US support – the so-called “Syrian Democratic Forces”. Following on weeks of suspect behaviour by the US coalition, where Islamic State forces were apparently allowed to escape from Raqqa and move down the Euphrates towards Deir al Zour and Palmyra, the shoot-down was the last straw; Russia declared openly that the US was supporting terrorists in Syria, including Al Qaeda and Islamic State.

This is where we have a ‘radical disconnect’. In the world outside the Western cultural and media echo-chamber it is not news that terrorist groups across the Muslim world are being supported by Western powers, along with their Gulf state allies, Israel and Turkey.[1]

Syria today is like the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s, though "civil war" applies to neither conflict, especially to Syria now, which is flooded with foreign cash, weapons, equipment, and troops. But for the foreign interference in Syria there would be no civil war. Both conflicts were and are distillations of the pathologies of the age. A potent liqueur of mayhem, lies, murder, and intense foreign involvement. The Abraham Lincoln Brigade morons come to mind.

It is said of batteries that the more energy you pack into the same space, the more the battery begins to resemble an explosive device. So with Syria now. The more lies and stupidity that are packed into that area of the world, the more chance there is of a detonation that will sweep all before it.

I had hopes that within days of Trump's inauguration we would read of a stand down order from Trump to reverse course in our pointless but expensive exercise in chasing our tail in Syria and our greasy, disgusting, stupid effort to bring down exactly the kind of regime that, if spread across the Muslim world, would make that world livable and civilized instead of the stink hole that it is now.

This is a satanic exercise to which no one seems willing to call a halt. And who is in the forefront of trying to keep civilization alive in Syria? Why, none other than the Russians the target of every American political class nitwit. Upside down times, to be sure, but especially what Mr. Macilwain wrote" "terrorist groups across the multiculturalism world are being supported by Western powers."

[1] "The Death and Rebirth of Islamic State." By David Macilwain, Russia Insider, 6/29/17 (emphasis added). More to the point, I think "[i]n the world inside the Western cultural and media echo-chamber it is not news . . . ."

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