Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Recent Development in re “A Warning”

     If you’ve read “A Warning,” consider the matter as serious as do I, and have wondered what would come of it, here’s an update.

     Just this morning at the conclusion of Mass, I spoke to Monsignor Christopher Heller, the pastor at St. Louis de Montfort parish and a highly respected clergyman. When I related the matter to him, he was astonished and appalled. He seemed quite as offended as I, perhaps more so, by the idea that parish charitable donations might be going to any purpose other than charity to the needy of our district. He promised to delve into the matter personally and immediately.

     I’ve just received a call from Father Chris – and when I say “just received,” I mean that I’ve only just rung off with him. He says he’s in shock over the matter. I expect he’ll bring it to the appropriate conclusion.

     Concerning trust in the honesty and utility of charitable institutions, religious or otherwise, it’s clear that even one who donates only food and clothing, never cash, can and sometimes will feel his trust shaken. Only swift and public corrective action can undo such a disturbance of one’s trust. Be guided appropriately.


Manu said...

Glad to hear that they are taking quick and decisive corrective action on this.

Arthur said...


I want to hear the actual results of this. My conditioning is such that I'm thinking all the 'astonishment' and 'shock' involved is due to their being pork mixed in the the beans.