Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Islam Is Toxic To Human Life

     I’ve said it before. I’m saying it again.

Islam Is Not A Religion.

     It’s a totalitarian political system with some pseudo-theological window dressing.

     Therefore, Muslims do not belong in these United States. So why do we continue to:

  1. Tolerate the ones that are here, who ceaselessly demand special accommodations to their “beliefs;”
  2. And continue to admit more of them?

     Why do we accept events such as this:

     Read the story.

     These creatures are savages! Whether or not they admit it, the “moderates” believe the violent ones among them are following the dictates of their religion. Indeed, they support the jihadists with money and concealment, and look down upon themselves for not doing likewise.

     No further immigration of Muslims can be permitted.
     Every Muslim in the U.S. must be expelled.
     All mosques must be demolished.

     Wake up, America...before you wake up dead.

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JWM said...

This was the dark epiphany of 9/11/01. I saw the face of Satan in the flames, and I knew: this is the Apocalypse. And just as the creation of the universe took more than seven calendar days, the Apocalypse will not unfold in a season. The war against the Satanic Evil that is islam will make the battles against commies and Nazis look like girl fights. This is for all the marbles: the future of the human race and Western Civilization is on the line. But progressivism, like AIDS has so weakened our culture that a significant portion of our people are either indifferent to the moslem invasion, or worse, they encourage it. Tell me what kind of madness is in our people that they look at islam and do not see. They call themselves liberal, enlightened, even 'woke', then embrace the most bigoted system on the planet, and import its adherents as fast as they can. Why?
The sheep have been separated from the goats. Only one side wins this war.