Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The sleep of reason.

[Prof. Mario Caligiuri:] How do you explain that Western countries do not question their alliance with Saudi Arabia, which is generative of Wahhabi ideology and terrorism in the world?

[Prof. Mario Caligiuri:] Sherlock Holmes would say: "Elementary, Watson." This clearly demonstrates that the economic interests, not only of States but especially of multinationals, prevail over the needs of citizens. This is the greatest weakness of democracies that may explode, as was the case in Europe in the twenties and thirties. The results of this era are still being felt today, almost a hundred years later, but we must consider that the degeneration of democracy is like the sleep of reason: it gives rise to monsters. Our mistake today is focused on the monsters and not on the causes of the degeneration of democracy, which, in my opinion, is mainly related to the selection of very inadequate ruling classes.[1]

The West's enfatuation with "democracy" and the mindless extension of the franchise to morons is finally bearing fruit – the enstupidation and degeneration of our civilization. Political debate is dominated by children, freaks, illiterates, and subversives.

[1] "Prof. Mario Caligiuri: 'The Degeneration of Democracy Is Like the Sleep of Reason: It Gives Rise to Monsters.'" By Mohsen Abdelmoumen, American Herald Tribune, 5/14/19 (emphasis in second paragraph added).


Kye said...

Man, have you nailed that one. One man one vote my ass.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Thank you, John.

The degeneration of democratic institutions is total. Gibbering morons are interviewed respectfully on major media platforms . . . or preside over them.

That's one thing but the utter failure, nay, treason of the elites is simply not to be believed.

I see nothing or no one in the offing who will turn this around. Putin and the Vicegrad countries show promise but they exist in a sea of stupidity and treachery. The US is probably one Trump presidential term away from the end of traditional America. God bless Trump but he's an uncertain trumpet at a time when we need McArthur's or Patton's boldness.

Kye said...

Sad but true Col. I think we've out lived the Constitution. By that I mean the leftist mind has found a way to turn the Constitution into just so much blah, blah, blah. I think one big mistake the Founders made was allowing lawyers to serve as legislators. There is no clearer conflict of interest than having the same people write the laws be financially invested in getting around them. Secondly the very idea of universal suffrage is the antithesis of Freedom simply because majority rule is mob rule and mob rule means being ruled by criminals. That's were we are. The entire "Deep State" which is a euphemism for all the associated bureaucrats working in unison toward their own goals is the result of allowing morons with nothing to lose vote over long periods of time. I get hell for saying this but allowing women to vote was the break point for rational, reasoned, unemotional Constitutional government. After that fiasco and pulling "a woman's right to choose" out of the azz of the Constitution anything goes and all the rules are cast to the wind and based on the whim of "the squeaky wheel" idea. Whichever side makes the most noise wins.

It also doesn't hut when the Fourth Estate joins up with the First (which it's supposed to keep in check) as it's propaganda arm. We need to split the country or a civil war but we can no longer live with leftists nor they with us. When we're in power all they do is scream, obstruct and indict and if they get power they'll try and take our civil rights away....or worse. We can't let that happen.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Being a lawyer myself I don't think they should have been disqualified as solons. After all, one can find oneself with a client whose interest is that certain legislation be invalidated. Next week one can find that defending certain legislation is is just the ticket.

I share your views on women's suffrage though I paradoxically think that some of the most brave and effective liberty activists and anti-jihadis are women. I personally know most excellent women thinkers but who doesn't know that the abortion issue makes not a few women become vindictive and irrational.

The left is indeed no longer a loyal opposition or governing force. It is entirely mired in identity politics and it thrives on hatred of whites and traditional America.