Sunday, December 9, 2018

Bedrock principles of interpretation.

I have long believed that one of the surest ways to come to an understanding of any matter is to focus on what is not said or done about it. Sherlock Holmes made much of this approach when he focused on the un-barking dog in “Hounds of the Basketballs.” I’m also fond of the principle that people intend the natural consequences of their acts, "action" encompassing "inaction."

Building a border wall and hermetically sealing the border fall in this latter category. Nothing ever gets done about either so the conclusion must be that the Treason Class wants open borders and the immiseration and disenfranchisement of everyone, and replacement of the majority white population. If the Treason Class does not want this then they’d take care of business instantly. The Uniparty in Congress has no problem coming up with a disgraceful spending bill with a ghastly deficit built right in. Money for war. Money for earmarks. Money for welfare. Money for illegal immigrants. No problem. Done and done. Money for the wall? Wellll. Maybe later. That being the time-tested Democrat shuck on such matters that Ronald Reagan famously embraced in connection with amnesty years ago.

Even Donald Trump, the famed “build a wall” candidate et imperator, makes only a feeble gesture of putting troops on the border and pretends that defending the nation from foreign invasion is somehow hamstrung by the Comic Possetatus Act, as though repelling an invasion of the nation is an aspect of “law enforcement” subject to restrictions imposed by the jokers, knaves, varlets, grifters, fools, poseurs, traitors, subversives, radicals, and undetected felons in the Congress who don’t know the difference between an AK-47 and a toaster, between an invasion and a potato sack race at a church picnic. The provision in Article IV, Sect. IV of the Constitution commanding United States to “protect each of them [the states] against invasion” seems to be a provision recondite, obscure, remote, vague, smoky, abstruse, esoteric, mysterious, and profound to Mr. Trump. Calling invaders “asylum seekers” seems to have confounded his understanding of his powers as commander in chief completely.

Well, here’s the passage I ran across that got me to thinking about this. It affords us a glimpse of high-level thinking back in the days when the United States was awash with communist agents:

Not surprisingly, when some of this testimony [from former communist agents Whittaker Chambers, Elizabeth Bentley, Louis Budenz, and Hede Massing] became public in 1948, the U.S. government attempted a coverup. Rather than expelling communist agents from sensitive government jobs, the Truman administration wanted to prosecute Chambers for perjury.[1]
Those process crimes sure are popular though I admit perjury was a charge employed to good effect against Alger “The Lying Patrician Communist Spy” Hiss when the statute of limitations had run on his more serious crimes.

Truman did the Lord’s work by putting in place the loyalty program for the federal civil service which was used to good effect in keeping communists out of government though not with 100% success. Still, the reaction of the Department of Justice was odd to say the least and no prosecutions ensued from anything that the above agents revealed. As with Trump’s strange passivity in the face of an obvious coup d’etat attempt and hence constitutional crisis now, Truman showed the same disinclination to react forcefully to the internal communist threat. FDR and Churchill blithely turned Eastern Europe over to Stalin at Yalta and George Marshall did his utmost as envoy to China to weaken Chinese Nationalist military forces and to force them into an absurd and suicidal coalition with the Chinese communists.

And when told Mao Tse-tung and his followers were communists, Marshall [Truman’s special representative to China] remarked: “Don’t be ridiculous. These fellows are just old-fashioned agrarian reformers.”[2]
Why it was that Truman was willing to later react forcefully to the North Korean invasion of the south but sell out the Nationalist Chinese and not react to communist infestation domestically I can’t say for sure. The best I can do is to say that the force of domestic leftists and communist sympathizers was such an undercurrent that no patriot could resist it. And that the North Korean invasion was just too much of a communist atrocity to ignore even if he was not that alarmed by domestic communists burrowing in. That said, no one forced him to appoint Marshall and he had the power to dictate whom we would support in China after the war. At best his decision to support the Communist Chinese at the expense of the the Nationalists is inexplicable on its face.

The irresistible undertow point is starkly illustrated by the mendacious and vicious attack on Sen. Joseph McCarthy who inquired quite reasonably why the federal government was employing so many communists. The reasonableness of McCarthy’s inquiry was distorted such that he has become the poster boy for inquisitional inquiry and oppressive accusation. There’s one interpretation of McCarthy and only one: monstrous exception to all that’s decent in American political life. Even the courageous journalist John Solomon buys into that phony baloney characterization, even after studying up on McCarthy!

The defamation of McCarthy as reckless miscreant has remained holy writ from that time and it’s hardly surprising. Read Ann Coulter or M. Stanton Evans and you’ll understand what an enormous effort was made to neutralize McCarthy. Hand over Eastern Europe and China to the communists? No big deal. Talk about actual communist infiltration of the United States? No effing way. Defcon I and general quarters for all good leftists.

It’s been that way ever since. The Prime Directive is that National Socialist Germany was the source of all political evil in our time and all political inquiry must be strictly limited to the crimes of that regime. The United States Constitution can be stood on its head in the service of an ever-centralizing and power-grabbing federal government, but any steps in the direction of total government control and away from individual liberty and popular sovereignty will and must go unremarked and welcomed. Very modest attempts to call attention to the presence of socialists in our national life were punished. Diana West didn’t get her contract renewed at CNN after she mentioned the word “socialist” back in 2008.

In our day, Antifa is the supreme domestic manifestation of filthy, communist, anti-democratic thuggery but it operates virtually without hindrance from any level of the U.S. government. According to the principle announced at the outset, Antifa is untouched and thus encouraged because crucifying it is what our government chooses NOT to do.

This failure to take action that is OBVIOUSLY called for is a glaring symptom of the failure of our experiment in self governance. Violent suppression of legitimate voices occurs at the hands of obvious government auxiliary troops. The same purposeful inaction in our past shows that communist infiltration of America has been the heartfelt wish of our Treason Class.

The same obtuseness on the part of the Treason Class in Europe is evident now. 89,000 French cops have been deployed to deal with protestors. Cops/soldiers dispatched to French border? Zero. Plenty of resources to do what’s necessary to protect the all-powerful state. None when the interests of native Frenchmen are concerned.

[1] "A Short History of Communist Subversion of America." By J.R. Nyquist, The Epoch Times, 9/19/18.
[2] "China Betrayed Into Communism." By James Perloff, The New American, 7/24/09.



It's a probable conclusion that the Treason Class, i.e., the "Deep State", has existed for far, far longer than any of us have imagined.

Pascal said...

If it is of any consolation to you, I could feel the pain you suffered as you composed all this. It is to avoid such suffering that I have retreated to offering a few succinct comments at only a few venues. I sometimes feel the urge to comment in depth, but then retreat again. Those who understand what I write don't need to hear it, and those that ought know they need to hear it don't wish to. Worst of all are those who hear and understand but who offer no help even when promising to do so after my politely requested it of them.

Evil actions will have consequences, and only faith in God will see that the evil is fully paid for. Life will go on, somewhat more hampered, but it will persist one way or another. There are not enough words to convey the delight I get from that realization due to knowing how it runs contrary to the goals of my worst enemies.

John said...

Hound of the Basketballs? Damn you, autocomplete!

Francis W. Porretto said...

Colonel: It wasn't in "Hound of the Baskervilles" that the "un-barking dog" was a significant item of evidence, but in "Silver Blaze," another widely celebrated Conan Doyle adventure. (Though I did get a giggle out of "Hound of the Basketballs. It conjured up quite an image!)