Tuesday, December 4, 2018


     Being “of a certain age,” I’m occasionally forgetful about minor matters. However, I’m fortunate to have a wife – a.k.a. “the C.S.O.,” a.k.a. Beth – who, though she is equally forgetful about minor matters (also being “of a certain age”), will endlessly remind me about the crap I’ve forgotten.

     Just now Joy, my Corvette, is in winter storage in our barn. When I was last out to the barn four days ago, I left the light on. Every day since then Beth has reminded me about it, and in less than five minutes I’ve forgotten again.

     Perhaps I won’t forget this morning:

CSO: Looks like Joy stayed up all night reading again, eh?
FWP: She must have downloaded a new book from Amazon.

CSO: Probably her manual.
FWP: Well, it is the right time of year for that.

CSO: Hm?
FWP: ♪ “O come, O come Ye Manual...” ♪
CSO: (unprintable)

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Linda Fox said...

Absolutely my favorite Advent hymn. Singable, and, for those of a certain age, brings back memories of the Latin version.