Friday, December 28, 2018

Quickies: Not A Passing Grade

     If you want people to accept you as a woman, you had jolly well better appear and sound to them like a woman:

     This...person, who apparently wants to be accepted as female, has not put in the study or effort required to pass as female. The clerk’s reaction is quite natural. So he / she / whatever gets on his / her / whatever’s high horse about it, when all the fault properly belongs to him / her / whatever.

     This is not what I would call a compelling advertisement for the necessary tolerance of those “whom the finger of Allah hath touched.”

     Tolerance can only extend so far.


Tracy Coyle said...

I have suggested her actions were not helpful, regardless of the provocation.

Amy Bowersox said...

Ironically, I actually had a good experience at a GameStop, not long before my legal transition.

I had stopped in to pick something up for Sabrina, and I was still presenting as ostensibly-male. As I finished up my transaction, I asked the young man behind the counter how I might go about changing my name on my GameStop PowerUp Rewards account, after my legal name change happened. He assured me that I just had to come in and let them know, and they could handle it for me. As I left, he said, "You have a good day, ma'am." His gesture was so nice and thoughtful, I made a point of sending a message to GameStop corporate commending him. (His name and the store's number were printed on the receipt, so this wasn't hard to do.) They passed it to his regional manager, who gave him an "attaboy" of some sort, I later heard.

I have visited GameStop many times as Amy, and never been either misgendered or treated in the fashion in this video. Then again, I don't behave in the same boorish fashion as this female-identified person did. (I can't exactly call her a "lady," now can I?)