Friday, June 21, 2019

Great story.

This Hiker Saved the Life of an Alaskan Timber Wolf—4 Years Later the Wolf Still Remembered Him. By Morris Homer Erwin, Reader's Digest, date unknown.


Magson said...

In re: date unknown --

The story indicates it happened in 1941, then 1945. And the bottom of the article reads "This story originally appeared in the May 1987 issue of Reader’s Digest."

Col. B. Bunny said...

The 1987 date is probably correct.

I haven't reread the article but if I recall correctly the author had the initial encounter, then went off to WWII, then had the second encounter after he got out, so 1941 and 1945 would make sense.

It's interesting to remember that the Reader's Digest had a circulation of over 16,000,000 at one point. It was acquired by someone and became sort of bland and nothing like its earlier patriotic, anti-communist self.