Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Criminally idiotic descendants.

Which is to say, . . . us.
Any [Western] order that takes its laws from savages will be an order of savages, no matter how urbane and cultured the men and women who have chosen to act as their international representatives, while pretending to be ours, are. The world order envisioned by 19th Century Europeans is now [in] a secret negotiation between their criminally idiotic descendants, who still go to all the right schools, and a mob of savages and their oil-rich patrons. Their global order is not taking us to the 22nd Century, but back to the 7th Century, and of all the things that they owe us, the least of them is to be honest about that.

Leftist Anti-Americanism has revealed itself to be Post-Americanism and Post-Americanism is nothing more than savages making laws by burning and killing things. And our Anti-American and Post-American elites had better start explaining to us why being governed by Salafi savages is a moral improvement over Americanism and they had better do a good job with that explanation because the American people are watching.

Laws are given by the conquerors to the conquered and the conquerors today are not the European colonialists, but a new wave of Muslim colonialists spreading across the world. The failure of the European chattering classes to deal with this simple reality, rather than celebrating the local version of that colonialism as cultural enrichment, while condemning any criticism of it as racism, is a further sign of their irrelevance and complete incapacity for dealing with any crisis more significant than a canape shortage at their latest book signing party.[1]

Our political elites are loathsome, hypocritical, cowardly, and treasonous. They embrace the lie like an aged pervert his Kandahar dancing boy. They grovel before the gods of surrender, corruption, and deceit.

[1] "Anti-American Savages of the Post-American World." By Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish, 9/15/12.

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Anonymous said...

Ask yourself why so many anti-American immigrants enter the U.S. every year. Are we running low on radicals, terrorists, welfare frauds and baby making dysfuntional families? Who did this to us? We have over 300 million people, we are unable to educate and employ them all and we are importing a couple million more a year. Why? This all began with ted Kennedy in the 60's and I don't know if he did it to destroy the country or for other reasons but the result is going to be our destruction. Half of these people don't speak English and don't intend to learn. Well over half make their life carear collecting welfare. Most are settled in smaller communities and overwhelm the system and the residents. Is this all some random unplanned act? Even during the last four years with a great depression raging and massive unemployment we continue to allow a couple million legal immigrants and probably the same number or more illegal immigrants to enter the country every year. Why? Who benefits? Since most of these people are registered as and vote Democrat could it be that Democrats behind the scene are importing voters at great cost to taxpaying citizens? Who runs this scam and how does it all work and why is it all secret?