Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Fun Forgotten Fact About Obama

There's been some buzz here about Obama lately, and I just had one thought about it.

I live rock throwing distance from Chicago. I moved a short distance away in his first term. So I've heard a few things, I guess.

What people don't seem to understand is that Obama is not a Chicago politician. He is a failed Chicago politician. The whole reason why he was sent with love to the Democratic Leadership is because Chicago doesn't want him.

Now, I'm not talking necessarily about the plebes. He gets big enough crowds that he probably has some fans. They aren't very happy fans, but they show up in enough numbers to crush someone unwise in the ways of crowd navigation. Don't worry, I learned quick.  I was there once (by chance) during one of his appearances, and wound up standing on a lamp post to avoid being crushed by the movement of random people. And I'm not tall, FWIW.

What was interesting is that even then his own people don't like him. He doesn't seem to represent his own voters interests so much as those who control him. I really don't think it's the Chicago crowd that does. The USA can collapse as far as they are concerned. Just as long as the snow gets cleared, the trash gets taken out, and the bribes keep coming-- Foggy Bottom could explode and they wouldn't care.  Much.

In case you are wondering why Chicago did not want Obama, it's not the obvious. Part of the "problem" is that the folks here talk like liberals (and spend excess money on programs to prove it) but are basically pragmatists. Nothing sticks around if it doesn't work.

But, if you take a short tour of history, or take a walk in downtown, and see the Chicago Public Library-- why, it is a monument to why Chicago doesn't want Obama.  His name is Washington. Not George, but Mayor Harold Washington.  He was a charismatic speaker (much  more engaging than Obama) a "generous" spender who made all sorts of grand gestures--many of which went nowhere.  Though I will grant that he was less racially polarizing than Obama, and did use his position to improve things. Though perhaps not always in the most effective way. But he did try.

Strikes were rampant, crime was out of control, he didn't grease the right palms, and before you knew it Chicago was at a stand-still. Then the snows came, and people were crushed and stranded under piles of snow-- but no one would clear it. The powers that be swore "never again," and they mean it.

 Like Mayor Young from Detroit, no one will say an ill word about the man. People were shocked that is Rahm Emanuel made it in-- but word has it they voted him in so that if Obama lost the election they could send him packing back to Springfield.

Some days I'm convinced he became president because certain powers that be lured him away from being Mayor.  It's a nice demonstration about how much the Chicago Machine could care less about the District of Columbia, right?


Scott said...

For all the rancor against him, Obama has generally struck me as a lazy guy.

It's like, 'Well, if I can have the presidency, and it's not too much effort, OK, you know, whatever, that's cool. But if it's gonna be too much work, I've got other stuff, you know?'

He really does seem like a guy who is basically 'along for the ride,' like he really doesn't care and is just doing mostly what other people are telling him. He likes the nice office & prestige and whatnot, but doesn't actually want to be President.

Too much responsibility... Better to let the machine carry him around, and just do whatever they say.

What you say is very believable. McCain and Romney both seem to have wanted it much more than he does.

Martin McPhillips said...

Underestimate Obama at your own risk. He is not incompetent. He is an orthodox Marxist who doesn't care to be judged by bourgeois principles. He's a class struggle man. A revolution man.

The big question is who is ultimately behind Obama? That's in the mists; it is genuinely in the mists. But at the end of the day the program is "America delenda est."

That's the final goal, to bulldoze America off the end of the cliff into the bottomless gorge.

Mark Butterworth said...

Martin nails it. America delenda est, indeed. That's the program.

Who is running this POS? That's the question.

I guessed the Cubans, but that's speculative in the absence of a better idea.