Thursday, January 10, 2013

The rich harvest of the Great Society and the civil rights revolution.

This gentleman has embarked on a jihad against the white devil:[1]

Caleb the Jihadi.

You can see the keen intelligence at work. Not to mention the soothing, pacifying doctrines of Islam. They work their wonders. It's an inspiration for the rest of us.

Presumably, according to some, this is all another sad manifestation of the "legacy of slavery." That seems a satisfactory explanation of all manner of black pathology. It's what I believe.

The three cardinal investigative principles:

1. Cherchez la femme.

2. Cui bono (switching languages here[2]).

3. Legacy of slavery (switching to bull____[3]).

[1] "Chicago Man Threatens to Blow Up Bus in 'Jihad Against the White Devil'." By Daniel Greenfield,, 1/9/13.
[2] Celtic, if you must know.
[3] The native language of some Americans.

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