Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cut to the chase.

The men of good will in all nations must understand that the enemy of civilization is fiat money.[1]
To the extent that inflation is a necessary effect of fiat money, then fiat money is theft. Money, instead of being a store of value, becomes a store of value subject to piecemeal government confiscation ad lib. to transfer value to strangers whose fortunes it is not your wish to advance.

The difference between a fiat money taking and a burglary of your house is found only in the tool used to gain access to what you have obtained through your labor.

Thus, if government can acquire your property without your consent, just as a burglar can, you live in a lawless society where theft cannot be redressed. In short, you live in an uncivilized society where the government is your enemy. It takes far more from you by way of inflation (and taxation) than any street thug does. You have a modicum of hope of redress against a street thug. Against the government, you have none.

[1] "The Matrix of Power." Hugo Salinas Price, Moneda de Plata para México, 6/22/12.

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Mark Butterworth said...

There has never been an abundance of men of good will, unfortunately.