Saturday, January 5, 2013

Federal government outrage.

For more information see:

"Small business paramilitary raids by IRS, DOJ documentary released." By Christopher Collins,, 11/1/12.

"The Gestapo Comes to America." By Betty Freauf,, 11/17/12.


William Stout said...

The U.S. has been trending toward tyranny for the past 20 years. As the left has acquired power they have continued to push for totalitarian authority for the Federal government. United States Congressman who have sworn to defend our Constitution think no more of it than of bird cage liner. Worse, with our hard polarization as evidenced by this last Presidential election it is unlikely that we will be able to reverse the trend.

I fear that we are on the path to bloodshed in the United States and a second civil war. When Federal authorities run rough shod over the citizens, when they push them into a corner and tell them what they are going to buy, when the tax and spend us into oblivion, there really is no other option.

We cannot air our grievances to our elected representatives because they only pay lip service to their constituents and it matters not if Republican or Democrat enters office because neither care about the people or the nation. They only care for propaganda. I believe that the situation will continue to worsen as the boot of tyranny begins to crush the neck of the civilian population. At that time we will find out if we are the repositories of liberty or if we have been successfully cowed by the left.

I fear that we are entering interesting times.

pdwalker said...

I'm surprised that more government "officials" are not getting shot. Are these people deliberately trying to push people into open rebellion?

Anonymous said...

I think this them "testing the waters".

Col. B. Bunny said...

Mr. Stout, I've lately come to focus on the West's inability to absorb the one lesson of the 20th century, which was that citizens' losing control of their governments (or failing to achieve it in the first place) leads to hideous murder and destruction. Given the technological capabilities of those governments, vigilance, control, and skepticism were the order of the day, every day but that lesson has been ignored for most of the last century and all of this one.

Massive killing and loathsome judicial murder was ignored, even assuming people exerted themselves to learn about it. Even the extermination that their coreligionists suffered in WWII has proved to be insufficient to keep Jews from embracing leftist pathology.

I agree with you. We are accelerating toward tyranny and if Americans think there is something innately moderate and decent about Americans that will somehow prevent or moderate, they need only spend an hour or two reading the poison to be found in leftist interenet forums.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Mr. Walker, I think we're a long way from seeing officials being shot and I'm glad of that, of course.

I think the state of the "revolutionary consciousness" of the American people can be seen in the local "News at 6" broadcasts on television in any community you want to name. In those broadcasts, it's about floods, accidents, crime, sports, and weather. Nothing can be learned there about the state of the economy, culture, immigration, or international borders. Nothing is to be seen there to get anyone's dander up to write a letter to any official, let alone shoot one.

If the 20th century (see above), Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Obama's leaving our men in Benghazi to die didn't arouse a white-hot fury in Americans, I don't know what will.

What makes you think sane Americans are at the point that they would start shooting officials?

Col. B. Bunny said...

Anon, I think these raids are intimidation tactics. The number of agents involved in the incident recreated in this video that is the subject of this post was excessive and clearly intended to create the maximum inconvenience, expense, and distress to the company and uninvolved employees. The Gibson guitar persecution is the same. Ridiculous overkill over material used by the company. You'd think the company was using varnish made from human body parts obtained from Serbs. That latter part about body parts from Serbs is for real, btw, for details on which read Julia Gorin.