Thursday, March 27, 2014


(Some levity is desperately required at this juncture, to judge from the email I’ve been getting.)

FWP: So you’ll be home tomorrow?
CSO: No, I’m home today. I’ll be going to Islip tomorrow.
[Islip is where a Long Island chapter of one of her clients, an order of Catholic sisters, is situated.]

FWP: Damn. I’m off tomorrow. I was hoping we’d have the day together.
CSO: The sisters want me there on Fridays, because there’s no one else in the office on Fridays.

FWP: But what if someone calls with a problem?
CSO: What kind of problem?

FWP: Maybe someone with a complaint about unsatisfactory service?
CSO: The only service anyone ever calls about is prayers.

FWP: Exactly! Imagine: “Hello, I’m a subscriber to your prayer service, and I’m calling to complain that my prayers have not been answered.” What would you say to him?
CSO: “Give me your credit card number.”

I should have known that was coming, really.

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