Sunday, March 2, 2014

What "colonialism"?

We learn that China has just achieved what every ascendent superpower in preparation for "gunboat diplomacy" mode needs: a key strategic airforce base, located in one time economic zombie, Zimbabwe, which incidentally just adopted the Chinese Yuan as a legal currency, and whose president just happens to be on China's payroll.[1]
Any Westerner over the age of 50 spent his entire adult life witnessing the posturing, moralizing, condemnifying, and speechifying about the evils of Western colonialism. Westerners dutifully donned the hair shirt and hired dedicated flaggelators (i.e., journalists, professors, and divines with a direct pipeline to the mind of God – a liberal it turns out) to ensure a proper amount of self-mortification, penance, and asinine reparations, which latter included rapid extinguishments of Western countries by importing huge numbers of entitled colonial populations. Welcome goat herders, ganja smokers, voodoo votaries, mutilators, witch burners, penis shrinkers, sex traffickers, and Muslim shock troops yearning for benefits and a re-creation of all homeland pathologies in no-go areas inside the walls of the castle!

What could go wrong?

Now after half a century of peacekeeping forces, earnest United Nations resolutions, treaties, food aid programs causing populations to explode and destroying local agriculture, and treating with African kleptocracies, the West can look back with satisfaction on the African continent's slipping back into superstition, tribal barbarism, and . . . and Chinese dominance. (The exploitation's been there all along since the 1960s, by the way, just not the good government of the accursed white administrators.)

Progress in anyone's book, for sure. And a huge ROI for all misguided, childish Western efforts to be nice – to wit, Chinese dominance in Africa.

China's treatment of local African labor in Zambia suggests that China's inroads into Africa are no improvement on the supposed unceasing excesses of Western imperialists.[3]

Alas, it will not turn out well for the locals who delighted in the removal of the Western colonial from their borders. See the first few minutes of the film "Africa Addio" to get the feel for what one changeover portended for Africa.

It was straight downhill from there. In particular, South Africa, the jewel of Africa, is now being turned into a chaotic, crime-ridden slum by the communists who took over. And in Zimbabwe, the locals should be forgiven for any comparison of Mugabe to certain "running dogs" once said to have played a deleterious role in a certain country in the distant past.

[1]  "Meanwhile, China Quietly Takes Over Zimbabwe." By Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, 3/2/14.
[2] In South Africa, the murder of all remaining white farmers is a particular priority of the government there. Do note that the sainted Nelson did nothing to put a stop to this and other attacks on white S. Africans.
[3] Given such treatment of African labor by Chinese managers in the 21st century referred to in the link just provided, the mistreatment of Chinese coolies in the American West in the 19th century by the white man can now be seen in perspective. And not a little irony. Leave comments if you don't understand this particular point as it relates to the now widely-accepted view on the unique exploitative and malevolent contribution of the white man to the misery and death of "people of color."


Joseph said...

You can think of colonialism as immigration that self-congratulatory leftists dislike.

Anonymous said...

Precisely. That's why leftists take great care to call illegals "immigrants." Those who came in 1620 and after were colonists, not immigrants. Illegals are colonizing the US now but this fact must be obscured at all cost. Even legal Muslim immigrants are colonists since any oath they will ever take here WILL be with reservation and purpose of evasion.

Col. B.

Anonymous said...

Back when Zimbabwe was known as "Rhodesia" it was considered the "Breadbasket of southern Africa"..
Now, under "majority rule" with Robert Mugabe, President for Life, they can't even feed themselves, and have sold their country to the Chinese. Like they need MORE presence in Africa!

Col. B. Bunny said...

It's a well known fact that pumps and tractors repair themselves and fields are plowed by moonbeams. And that the Chinese are ardent supporters of indigenous rights.