Friday, March 14, 2014

E.U. tyranny.

6. The recitations of the apparatchiks quoted here are representative of the morbid condition of partisan democracy, overgrown by the continental transformations wrought by the EU superstate. This system is characterized
  • by the utter avoidance of discourse,
  • by the imposition of speech bans and regulations and thought controls and
  • by the enforcement of large, societal projects against the definitive wishes of the majority population (de-Christianization; multiculturalization, genderization and homosexualization of society; establishment of trans-continental mechanisms for redistribution; decoupling of capital value and asset value by means of a failed European monetary regime; territorial expansion and competence-optional deepening of “European integration”).
So what justifies our calling this system democracy or a nation of laws?
Christian Zeitz, member of the Wiener Akademikerbund, views on recent Swiss referendum, quoted in "Standing up Against the Dogmas of the Brussels Nomenklatura." By Baron Bodissey, Gates of Vienna, 3/8/14 (bullets added).

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