Sunday, March 23, 2014

Female Idiocy (UPDATED)

[A Public Service Announcement, brought to you by Men Who Have Had It With Women's Pretensions To Equality Coupled With An Insistence On Being Treated Like Delicate Hothouse Flowers.]

Some things simply piss me off -- and I'm unembarrassed about it, feel fully justified at having my hackles rise over them, and am determined to do my part to grind them into powder. You're about to hear about one of them.

Have a gander at the following image:

Many American women would smirk and nod at that bit of obscenity. They'd pass it along to like-minded female friends, and possibly a few emotionally emasculated male friends, expecting nothing but giggles over it.

I'm not giggling, nor is any emotionally healthy man I know -- and whoever produced this faex is on notice that she's done her "sisters" a grave disservice.

You're on notice, ladies:

  • Even hinting that "a few words" could provoke you to violence toward a man -- especially violence directed at his most sensitive parts -- is enough for decent men to rule you out of bounds for anything: acquaintance, employment, or any other form of courteous association.
  • Suggesting that some other "few words" could earn one of us "a blowjob" is beyond mere insult: it's both humiliating and degrading -- to both sexes.
  • Men restrain themselves around you out of awareness of our several advantages over you. As a rule:
    1. We're larger and stronger;
    2. We're also smarter -- to judge by the bilge that dominates "women's magazines," the Oxygen cable station, and "Women's Studies" courses, much smarter;
    3. We have better control over our impulses;
    4. We don't strike to humiliate; we strike to wound or kill.

Compared to that, your fine motor control means approximately nothing.

So as they say in the Navy, now hear this:

You are not men's equals.

Here's the proof:

  1. You demand "equal treatment" while simultaneously demanding that women be held to lowered standards;
  2. You've agitated ceaselessly for laws that privilege women over men, especially as regards employment, sex, marriage, and the family;
  3. You take without giving, treating what you receive from men as your God-given right but what you return as an act of generosity or a damned imposition on your time and patience;
  4. Your representatives in the schools constantly strive to make boys over into little girls;
  5. Whenever you're challenged on any of the above, you scream "sexism!" or whine like two year olds denied a demanded treat.

Which is why American men who still possess a shred of masculine self-regard won't marry you or procreate with you, treat you with suspicion at all times, speak derisively of your oh-so-vaunted "accomplishments" and the viragoes who trumpet them, and are generally disdainful of your entire sex.

Think about that when you next hear a "joke" about kicking one of us in the nuts.

PS: I don't want a "blowjob" from any woman, including my beloved wife. The act is degrading to both parties. Come to think of it, that's probably why so many people are obsessed with it. Ours is a thoroughly degraded culture. A single hour of television viewing is ample evidence to that effect.

UPDATE: The incredulously enraged can further elevate their blood pressure, if they like, over this post. Happy fulminating.