Friday, March 28, 2014

Secular fantasy.

You poor, dumb, deluded [Keynesian] fools. You've destroyed our economy, our values and our ability to deal with reality. Your faith is as boundless and disconnected from the real world as your policies.
Who could have foreseen that seeds that sprouted in the ancient Greek mind would one day bear fruit not in a nation rigorously devoted to conforming national policies to the dictates of reason but in one in the thrall of economic fantasies dangerously detached from reality?

Fantasies that are every bit as chimerical as witches, space aliens, leprechauns, and GOP devotion to American citizens rather than foreigners?

"Dear Keynesians: Your Sad Devotion to Your Failed Religion Hasn't Conjured Up a Recovery--Here's Why." By Charles Hugh Smith, Of Two Minds, 3/27/14.

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Robert What? said...

I beg to differ - Keynesianism has been a rousing success for those at the very top (economically speaking). As for the middle classes, they can go pound sand as far as the people at the top are concerned.